Oct 302012

StopCartel TV broadcasts live from Athens, Greece on Mondays and Thursdays @ 6 pm Athens time. The following post is a loose transcript of the 29 October 2012 broadcast.

By greydogg and snake arbusto, 99GetSmart 

– The General Confederation of Greek Workers and the Greek Civil Servants’ Confederation have organized a demonstration and march on Wednesday in central Athens against austerity measures, particularly in the areas of health care and education.


– The Greek public water company is waging a class war against renters and working on behalf of landowners. This company has an obligation to protect the public interest, yet in the last 6 months has proven that they have no regard for the fact that water is a human right.

As reported in a previous post, upon the landlord’s request, the Greek water company terminated water service to a flat where a family of six resides, showing that they consider renters second-class citizens. The water company is waging a class war on consumers who rent.

This important issue illustrates how Greek society behaves. The said family of six have spent five days without water and still have no water, even after paying money they owed to the water company. The water company is punishing renters and supporting vindictive landlords.


Greece’s 500 most profitable companies have increased their profits by 18.2%. Last year’s profits of €1.35 billion rose to €1.6 billion in 2012.

In a country with millions of unemployed and self-employed persons and farmers whose revenue has been greatly diminished, and where there are across-the-board increases in the cost of living every day and more and more people are going hungry, these companies are showing a huge increase in profits even as they cut wages and fire employees. Yet the list of the 500 most profitable companies includes 175 food-processing companies.

The reality in Greece is that while the wages and income of ordinary Greeks are going down the drain, the profits of the ‘bosses’ in the country, the known cartels, are reaching record levels.

Giorgos Kosmopoulos of StopCartel asks, “What are we as Greeks doing about this? The choice is ours.”


– Giorgos on the meaning of solidarity: Such a thing seldom manifests itself in Greece. There is little solidarity and love among the people of Greece. Everyone is looking after his own family’s interest. This is the reason StopCartel’s voice to the outside world is very loud.

There are people in dire need in Greece. People are starving, without water and electricity in their homes. People who are taking part in initiatives are doing it for their own ambition.

StopCartel is addressing the current humanitarian crisis in Greece and reaching out to people all over the world. Please donate clothes, food, medicines to help the Greek people. There is a real need. People are going hungry, their water is being cut off, and they are threatened day by day with losing electricity in their homes. StopCartel is threatened with the same, and one day we may not be able to continue to broadcast.


– In connection with the arrest of Kostas Vaxevanis, opposition leader Alexis Tsipras stated on Monday: In Greece they prosecute the people who expose the scandals and illegalities, but ignore those who commit the crimes.


– The EU commission spokesman made a willfully ignorant statement about the arrest of Kostas Vaxevanis, who published the Lagarde list. He said that he doesn’t know any details of Vaxevanis’s arrest and the case that will proceed within the Greek justice system.

Kostas Vaxevanis made this statement at the regional court of Athens this morning:

“There is an effort being made to convict me of a ‘crime’. The prosecutors say that I have published personal data while Mr. Venizelos, the former Finance Minister, ‘lost’ the list down the toilet of his home. 

Over the last two years there is a public effort through the appearance of legality to cover a very big scandal. The people who are handling and manipulating this issue and the public prosecutor have got to realize that from a legal point of view, there was no violation of personal data at all.

A few months ago in Greece, the public prosecutor made public the personal information of people with AIDS! Why? They said it was because they wanted to protect the public interest. In order to protect the public interests, I did my job. The people on the list need to be investigated. 

I am speaking to the public prosecutor when I say that he has the obligation to show the same  sensitivity to my case. I don’t know why the public prosecutor behaves in this manner, but they must adhere to rule of law and treat all cases equally. 

Today, several international newspapers have published the Lagarde list and there has been no outcry or repercussions. 

A journalist’s job is to tell the truth, especially when others are hiding the truth. Anything less is just public relations and propaganda.”

Kostas Vaxevanis’s trial will take place on the first of June.


– A report by business consulting firm BDO says that Syria is considered more secure for foreign investments than Greece. Only Iraq and Iran are more risky places to invest, according to the survey of 1,000 CFOs.

A word of warning to all prospective investors in Greece from StopCartel: A new government that is going to be elected by the Greek people will be pressed to abort all business arrangements made under the government-of-the-regime.


– TV report: The viability of the Greek debt is currently the most important issue being discussed by EU leaders. At the same time, according to information coming from Berlin, Chancellor Angela Merkel and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble are examining and considering a repurchase of the Greek debt as a serious proposition.

Schaeuble: “We are seriously examining the funding of Greece for repurchasing the Greek debt. I cannot reveal more details at the moment. There are many serious open issues at the moment. We reject the idea of a new ‘haircut’  or restructuring of the Greek debt because this would be in violation of German legislation, which prohibits the direct financing of states.”

Schaeuble denied that an accord has been reached over a two-year postponement of reforms in the Memorandum signed by Greece with the Troika. “The finance ministry and German government are not aware of new elements,” he said.

According to current information, New Democracy stated that they cannot rule out another austerity package for Greece. A third package of aid for Greece will pass the German parliament without a problem and it is possible. A German government spokesperson said that the government is in the talking stages of another Memorandum.


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Oct 292012

StopCartel TV broadcasts live from Athens, Greece on Mondays and Thursdays @ 6 pm Athens time. The following post is a loose transcript of the 25 October 2012 broadcast.

By snake arbusto and greydogg, 99GetSmart

– The New York Times reported that if you are unemployed in Greece, you die. If you have a serious illness like cancer and you are unemployed, you will die. There is no health care for the people – an example of the humanitarian catastrophe in the country.


Malaria, tuberculosis, and rabies are appearing in Greece after decades of dormancy.

Diseases that have been absent in Greece for many decades are appearing because of the economic crisis and its effect on the health-care system, which is in shambles. Some places in northern Greece have suffered from West Nile disease, and many people have died. Apart from that virus, malaria – not seen since the 1970s – has come back to Greece. So has tuberculosis. Recently an animal with rabies was found. These diseases have not come to Greece via immigrants or tourists; they are transferred from person to person. And due to the lack of vaccination due to the ongoing crisis, Greek children are vulnerable. Many parents are not able to vaccinate their children because they are unemployed. Vaccines are very expensive and children are going without them.


A six-member family, for the second time in six months, has had their water turned off. The landlord asked the water company to cut off the supply because they are behind on their rent.

The family had asked for lower rent due to the crisis. In response, the landlord filed an eviction notice. And instead of waiting for the court to decide, the landlord spitefully went to the water company and demanded they cut off the supply of water to the flat.


– The mass media in Greece are talking about the Parliament voting on new austerity measures next week. But this does not reflect reality. Everyone knows that the real decisions were made in February and that this vote is just more theater from the government-of-the-regime.


– Yesterday, the Greek police announced they have purchased two X-Ray vans for €2.3 million, as revealed by a document from the Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection

A commenter on Facebook says “one of the few institutions that actually work nowadays in Greece is the Police.”


– The buyout of Olympic Air by Aegean Airlines, which had been blockaded by the European Commission, is now to be finalized. The EC had said of the merger in 2011 that it:

“…would have resulted in a quasi-monopoly on the Greek air transport market. This would have led to higher fares for four out of six million Greek and European consumers travelling on routes to and from Athens each year. Together the two carriers control more than 90% of the Greek domestic air transport market.”

The main justification now given for the merger is “…the prolonged Greek recession that has reduced dramatically the domestic demand for both airline companies.” In other words, the main justification is the state of the Greek economy, which is the direct result of the policies of the EU itself, via the European Central Bank and the Troika of which it is a member.


StopCartel TV broadcasts live from Athens, Greece on Mondays and Thursdays at 6pm Athens time @ http://www.livestream.com/stopcarteltvgr

Oct 282012

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Greek Journalist Kostos Vaxevanis

The Greek journalist, Kostas Vaxevanis, was arrested in his home last night for publishing the ‘Lagarde list’. The list consists of the names of about 2000 Greeks who made $1.9 billion in deposits in the Swiss based HSBC bank and are being probed for tax evasion. The full list contains the names of 22,000 wealthy European tax evaders.

neo11 from Daily Kos reports:

[…] In a tweet posted Saturday evening by Vaxevanis, he stated that police were stationed outside the offices of Hot Doc, as well as outside his home and the homes of his personal friends.

Vaxevanis is a well-regarded investigative journalist with a career spanning back to 1988. He has worked with several major media outlets in Greece as a war correspondent and is now the publisher of Hot Doc. […]

You can follow Kostas Vaxevanis on twitter @ https://twitter.com/KostasVaxevanis

PETITION: DROP ALL CHARGES AGAINST KOSTAS VAXEVENIS: http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Drop_all_charges_against_Greek_journalist_Kostas_Vaxevanis/?cmlcgcb


Business Insider reports that people are turning up dead since the ‘Lagarde List’ went viral: http://www.businessinsider.com/greek-men-on-lagarde-list-found-dead-2012-10

The Lagarde list: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&amp%3Bsl=el&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.protothema.gr%2Fpolitics%2Farticle%2F%3Faid%3D232655

UPDATE: Greek Journalist Kostas Vaxevanis released from jail in Athens today after being arrested in his home for publishing the Lagarde list: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVSr_20K4gE&feature=em-uploademail-new

Oct 262012

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By Tony Cartalucci, LandDestroyerReport

Joseph Farah and his World Net Daily (WND) project attempts to fill a niche, straddling the alternative media, and feeding inquiring minds back into servitude toward the greater corporate-financier agenda. He represents a retrenchment of the right – of the false left-right political paradigm – alongside other disingenuous media personalities like Glenn Beck, and on the left led by the forces of convicted criminal George Soros. Farah’s propaganda attempts to parrot alternative media memes while reasserting essential talking-points those who have departed traditional left-right camps have left behind.

Among these talking points include, the need to continue carrying out Neo-Conservative wars of aggression, particularly against Iran, backing candidates in elections under the gimmick, “the lesser of two evils,” and the reintroduction of many other left-right political footballs generally no longer distracting an increasingly awakened public. In essence, Farah and WND are the right-wing of Cass Sunstein’s cognitive infiltration – a policy described in Sunstein’s paper, “Conspiracy Theories,” as the cognitive infiltration of extremist groups,” aiming to “introduce informational diversity into such groups.” […]

IRANIUM – Reza Kehlili – My life as a CIA spy: Video: An except from the cartoonish Neo-Con war propaganda film, “Iranium.” Here we have WND contributor, and CIA agent “Reza Kahlili” inadvertently explaining to us why we should never believe a word he says. 

READ @ http://landdestroyer.blogspot.fr/2012/10/joseph-farah-neo-con-cognitive.html



By OccupyWallStreet

Golden Dawn, G.D. (in Greek, Chrysi Avgi), the neo-Nazi, ultra-nationalistic party, which was recently elected to the Greek Parliament under the pretext of concern over unemployment, austerity and the economy, and while engaging in virulent anti-immigrant rhetoric and anti-democratic, nationalistic activities, has now established a chapter in New York City. Several groups and organizations have already publicly expressed their outrage and have called for immediate action.

For over 30 years, G.D. has operated from the margins of the far right political spectrum using the symbols, practices and methods of a racist, anti-democratic and intolerant neo-Nazi ideology. The recent economic crisis, however, has brought them to the forefront of political developments. They recently drew the attention of the international media when one of their Parliament members physically attacked two women from Left wing parties on live television. Before that incident and since, G.D. thugs have organized murderous attacks against immigrants, left wingers, gays as well as anyone who will stand in their way.

G.D. harbors common criminals. In the 70s, the “Fuhrer,” as they honorably call their leader, was imprisoned for setting off bombs in cinemas that showed films of Soviet production. Around the same period, members of the organization were also prosecuted for committing acts of terrorism against left wing newspapers and organizations. Today, they exhibit particular disdain against Muslims while they also openly deny the Holocaust. […]

READ @ http://occupywallst.org/forum/public-meeting-say-no-neo-nazi-golden-dawn-nyc/



By Paul Mason, BBC

Newsnight’s report on the Greek far-right party Golden Dawn made headlines across Europe last week.

In it, MP Ilias Panagiotaros claimed Greece was “in civil war” and indeed advocated a new kind of civil war, pitting the far-right against migrants, anarchists, etc.

Within 24 hours Mr Panagiotaros had retracted his claim that Greece was “in civil war”, saying instead “there is no civil war” and accusing Newsnight of “paraphrasing” his words. We had simply broadcast them, un-edited and in English.

Now three new reports cast light on the substance of our story – which was: alleged police torture of anti-fascist detainees, Golden Dawn’s influence inside the Greek police force, and its potential influence on the operational behaviour and priorities of the police in the Attica region around Athens.

Today, lawyers for 15 protesters who claim they were mistreated and abused in police detention, have shown Newsnight coroners’ reports on eight of the detainees. […]

READ @ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-20068145



By Eleazar David Melendez, GreekCurrent

[…] Talks were reportedly highly contentious, breaking down over the course of several weeks before ostensibly ending on Oct. 17, when the European Commission noted “the authorities and staff teams agreed on most of the core measures needed to restore the momentum of reform.”

But it now appears that discussions were not as settled as that statement seemed to indicate. A clash on demands that the country’s labor law should shed its provisions for workers’ severance threatened to completely spoil the deal Tuesday, with two of the three parties that form the country’s government coalition noting they were not sure to support a deal.

Evangelos Venizelos, of second-largest Pasok party, had fighting words, telling a press conference that “our partners must understand we are not a protectorate.”

That latest dynamic set off a roller coaster of reports over the past 48 hours. First, it seemed Wednesday that the situation was — again — finally solved, as Greek Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras told Greece’s Parliament in a speech that negotiations had been beneficial to Greece, which had “succeeded in lengthening” the time the country had to get its fiscal house in order.

But mere hours after that statement, both the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank — two of the three “troika’ members” — said, essentially, that the minister was lying. […]

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By Eirene, A Place Called Space

National TUC demonstation in London against the cuts and austerity, October 20. […]

PHOTOS / READ @ http://a-place-called-space.blogspot.gr/2012/10/no-to-austerity.html