Jun 142012

By Snake Arbusto

They are Innu, Cree, Dene, Lakota, and the are struggling to defend our Mother Earth against the servants of abomination, who are tearing open Her belly to steal her uranium, her gas, her coal, her gold…

… They are calling us to fight the good fight, the struggle that has always pitted those who belong to the Earth against those who, criminally, claim to own it…

This call is crossing the great ocean; it has brought the people of Québec to life, and it is coming to stand on France’s soil.

We are ALL called on to organize and participate together in the assembly in Paris on Saturday June 23 2012.

Our goal is to go to the home territory of AREVA, the company that is the source of all these abominations, and tell them we don’t want them in Québec!

We will also maintain a symbolic, non-violent, silent presence at the Québec Delegation in Paris.

The peoples of Europe need to know, lest they become passive accomplices to the “Plan Nord,” that they need to support the vital and legitimate demands of the First Nations of Québec, and beyond them of all Amerindians!

Thanks to the organizations Minganie Sans Uranium, Sept Îles Sans Uranium, and the mobilizations of the Innu, Dene and Cree peoples, the Réseau Zéro Nucléaire (RZN), C.A.N. IdF, CAN84 and with, soon we hope, the convergence of AIM, CSIA-Nitassinan, Les Décroissants, Stop Nucléaire, Greenpeace France, and anyone else who is willing to contact us, 45 banners are already on their way from still beautiful Québec to contaminated France.

These banners need your arms in Paris to come and form one big tribe and with one big voice carry the urgent message that our Mother the Earth must be peacefully safeguarded with the immediate, final, and unconditional stoppage of all nuclear installations.

The Minganie Sans Uranium association sent the 45 banners now on their way to Paris, at their expense, at a cost of approximately $450; we’re launching a call for donations to pay for returning these banners to our friends in Québec, and we thank them for giving us the opportunity to organize this first day of transnational action for the respect and the safeguarding of the Mother of all peoples!

“May the spirit of this struggle take up residence forever among us.”

You may send checks to:

Minganie Sans Uranium / 231 de la Mer / Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan / G0G 1V0 / Québec

or use the PayPal link on this page: http://sanurezo.org/spip.php?article78

Facebook page for Paris demonstration: http://www.facebook.com/events/441490865875324/

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