Oct 182011


The thing about lying is that if you want people to believe your lies, you have to remember every single lie you told and who you told it to. For a serial liar, that is a lot to keep track of. This is where the corporate-owned U.S. Government and media slip up, every time. For some, the non-stop, daily slew of lies being hurled at us are ridiculously blatant and easily disprovable. However, too many Americans turn on the TV and tune out reality, abandoning critical thinking in favor of willful ignorance.

The relentless 24/7 cycle of the corporate-owned media propaganda permeating network news, radio and print is just one problem in the multitude of negative manifestations arising from the enormous income disparity in the U.S. We are a purposefully divided nation, and the cause of that division is based on corporate propaganda, not the facts. Six corporations own and control the media in the U.S. with the sole purpose of controlling what you think.

Corporations effectively use the mainstream media to control and frame the message. By design, this provides an opaque cover for all three branches of the government. The media smokescreen allows for gross dereliction of duties by our ‘elected representatives’. While the chattering nimrods of the media assign the blame for all of the country’s woes to the victims, the corporate-sponsored Congress robotically crams through one abhorrent ALEC-written law after another, which is promptly and obediently signed by a lickspittle President, at the behest and benefit of the 1% and to the detriment of the 99%.

As a result, all three branches of the corporate-owned government, their media propagandists, and the millions of Americans who tune in have abandoned their traditional roles. Government no longer represents the People. The press no longer holds government accountable, and the willful ignorance of far too many of our fellow citizens deprives all of us of representation. The entire system is so completely corrupted and dysfunctional, that we are at a point where we need to scrap the whole thing and begin anew. Enter Occupy Wall Street.

From the very beginning of Occupy Wall Street, the response from the media and the government has been to marginalize and discredit this fast growing grass roots movement. Rejecting the right of the people to peaceably assemble and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances, many city governments are using violent means to shut down these occupations. Several examples of the political problem facing Occupy Wall Street play out daily in NYC, where unprovoked random acts of violence perpetrated by the disgraceful NYPD ‘white shirts’ have been documented on video for the whole world to see.

Despite the prevailing toxic winds coming from the general direction of the establishment, heavily laced with feigned ignorance, the question of how America arrived at this juncture is not a mystery. If you are someone who claims not to understand what Occupy Wall Street is about, then you are part of the problem.

No matter how wildly the media spins Occupy Wall Street, make no mistake about it. What is going on in city squares worldwide is nothing less than a long overdue, peaceful revolution. And just in case you forgot, all of the occupations, the marches, and the General Assemblies happening throughout the country and the world are what real democracy looks like.

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  1. Liberals hate willful ignorance, not God

    A Senator got in trouble recently for saying “Liberals were God haters” I thought about that and I disagree. Liberals don’t hate God, we don’t even hate people for worshiping God. What we hate is the willful ignorance conservative Christians impose upon themselves.

    If they would spend more time reading about the world as it is instead of reading fiction. Live the principles they profess to believe in.

    Against war (thou shalt not kill) adults, as well as fetuses. In favor of taxing the rich “do unto others …” Contributing to a televangelist and watching TV news does not count. Take responsibility and educate yourself and liberals won’t hate you or God at all.

    Stephen Nickels

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