Apr 252013

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In response to the Chicago Public Schools’ plan to close more than 50 schools in June, some CPS high school juniors are boycotting the standardized Prairie State Achievement Exam (PSAE) test today.

The state mandates the PSAE and students have to take it in order to graduate, but organizers of the campaign say it’s the students’ First Amendment right to protest the test.

Some of the students and other education activists also plan to give a letter to the Chicago Board of Education in opposition of the district’s school closing proposal.

Here’s more about why some students are skipping the test:

Yesterday, Chicago Public Schools officials sent letters home and robo-called the homes of students urging that parents send their children to school today.

The district also released a statement about the continued concerns surrounding the effect the school closure plan will have on the safety of students:

Ensuring the safety and security of our students is CPS’s top priority. That’s why we continue to partner with the Chicago Police Department, as well as community- and faith-based organizations, to create customized safety plans for each welcoming school. This will include an expansion of our successful Safe Passage program, in which Safe Passage workers stand post along safe routes that are specially designed by CPS and CPD. These workers know their neighborhood and provide the extra set of eyes and ears to proactively identify and report safety risks. Since 2009, Safe Passage has resulted in increased attendance, fewer in-school incidents and decreased criminal activity around Safe Passage routes and the schools they serve.

Chicago Student’s Boycott Information:

Find out more, contact us at: 

Check out Brian Sturgis Youth Leader

Links to know your rights at CPS

VOYCE Coordinator Emma Tai

Check me out

Follow them on twitter @ChiStudentsOrg
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