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We, the participants of Occupy Prague on Klarov are letting the public and every citizen of the Czech Republic know the following statements and positions which we agreed upon during public assemblies and debates between ourselves over time.

1. We support the criminal complaint against the president of the republic, Vaclav Klaus, and every member of the government from the year 1990 until now, for high treason and misappropriation of public property. Those crimes need to be investigated immediately and judged fairly, according to currently valid laws. Those crimes must not be subject to statute of limitations.

2. We consider it necessary to steer the development of the Czech Republic towards direct democracy. Politicians and officials must be fully removed from the office under conditions known in advance and they need to be criminally and materially responsible for their decisions. Immunity for the Members of Parliament must be abolished during and after their term. We propose to start a discussion about changes in the constitution in terms of reinforcing the principles of direct democracy. Furthermore, we demand strengthening of the role of municipalities and regions in decisions regarding the management of public (state) property and finances. We want the introduction of participative budgets, transparent accounts of civil service and other state institutions, publications of all contracts and amendments to public contracts, including their transparent competitive tenders in a form of public internet competition.

3. We consider the current banking-economic-financial system as obsolete, gradually aging and thus inappropriate for the 21st century, any longer. We, the citizens, refuse to pay the debts, which were caused by the wrongful decisions of the banks, politicians and lobbyists. We are looking for other functioning models for up keeping and further developing of the Czech Republic. We refuse the introduction of the Euro and the pointless regulations of the European Union. We demand the canceling of the value added taxes (VAT) on basic foodstuffs.

4. We demand that the Czech Republic cease its participation in illegal economic wars in Afghanistan, Iraq or elsewhere in the world. Our army must serve only to protect the citizens and the land of the Czech Republic. We refuse to be part of the NATO treaty, who, for many, many years, does not behave as a defense pact, but instead by its unreasonable interference in the sovereignty of other countries, which bears comparison to the terrorist attacks, which it often likes to condemn. Therefore, we want to step out of NATO as soon as possible. We refuse to further support financially or in any other way, the wars or occupations of foreign soil, which are under the false pretenses of protection of human rights and conducted, in fact, only for economic or strategic reasons. We strictly reject violence.

5. We want free internet, where users won’t’ be monitored, watched and disconnected without their consent. We refuse all attempts on introducing censorship and acts of the like of ACTA, SOPA, PIPA, CISPA and others. We refuse the current state of intellectual property rights and laws concerning patents.

6. It’s necessary to return the Czech Republic to the state of self-reliance in finance, food and energy. Supranational interests must be secondary to local, regional or national needs. We demand public control of strategic resources and materials like water, land, electricity, raw materials or lumber. We refuse the constant destruction of the Czech countryside for the sake of monetary gain. Czech soil should be available to all the citizens. Less oilseed rape, more vegetables, fruits and technical cannabis!. NO  to GM plants and animals.

7. It’s necessary to make the patents on alternative energy resources and technologies available to the public with immediate effect. It’s necessary to agree upon lower energy consumption – stop wasting energy on the production of useless or carcinogenic goods. We need to slow down – then we’ll have enough energy and time for everything that we truly need for a full life. Energy production needs to be decentralized.

Healthcare, education or social issues can’t be governed by market principles. We refuse their creeping privatization. Sick people cannot be just an infinite supply of money for big pharma.

9. We demand thorough and effective protection of environment and cultural heritage.

10 We stand for practical fulfillment of General Declaration of Human Rights accepted by the UN in 1948 and the Bill of Rights and Freedoms of the Czech Republic. Also, academic freedom, freedom of research and art creation needs to be preserved from regulation incursions. We are against the commercialization and massification of culture. For life. We are 99%.

All of the above mentioned themes are open to further discussion at the public assemblies.

Prague Na Klarove, 12 May 2012



Occupy Praha – Zatčení prvního politického vězně – 23.6.2012


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  One Response to “First Statement of Occupy Prague from May 12, 2012”

  1. Pity you are not following the world wide OCCUPY movement in NOT issueing demands. We at “Occupy Sydney” have never issued demands in line with the world wide movements decision not to as it limits you. Instead we produce many leaflets and give many talks on what we see as the way foreward.

    We will never become part of the system or part of the political process via occupy as it is not it purpose…we will point out failures in our system and how it can be fixed…we are often told we have no manofesto and we don’t.

    Good luck and take this as a friendly chat not a denuncation…..”We have no spokesmen for we are all spokesmen…We have no leaders for we are all leaders….LOL ….each in their own way…..each is right ..

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