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On Tuesday evening, for the second time in two weeks, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras invoked emergency civil mobilization orders – which have only been used ten times since the fall of the ruling military junta in 1974 – effectively ending a seven-day dock worker’s strike. Early Wednesday morning, dock workers were forced to end the strike under threat of prison and loss of their jobs.

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The workers went on strike over wage cuts and because they have not been paid for six months. The government-of-the-regime says they cannot pay the workers because of the crisis, however, Members of Parliament and Parliament workers enjoy exemption from pay cuts and are paid promptly.

Early Wednesday morning, the notorious rioting Greek police were dispatched in huge numbers at the port of Piraeus in order to keep the strikers away from boats taking on passengers and cargo.

limani apergia

Supporters of striking ferrymen marched through the port of Piraeus, a day after the government threatened arrests and jail time if the dock workers did not get back to work.


The civil servants union ADEDY stated:

“The government must know that the systematic undermining of union and labor laws violate the country’s constitution and international and European agreements that protect workers’ rights.” ADEDY described the measure as an “anti-democratic practice of criminalizing labor and strike action.”

The President of the Panhellenic Commercial Sailors’ Union, Antonis Dalakogoergos said that strong arm tactics by the state will not work:

“If the government thinks that by trying to criminalize our battle through measures of terror – such as issuing an order – it will resolve the issue of the seamen and workers in general, it is fooling itself.”

From Euronews:

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