Jan 302013

Photography by Elias Theodoropoulos, DEMOTIX

Today in Athens, the government-of-the-regime showed their real face against the Greek people, the workers and the unions. Within the last couple of weeks, the rioting police and SWAT teams attacked the metro workers, the municipality workers and now the union PAME. Thirty-five workers, who were engaged in a symbolic occupation of the MInistry of Labor, were arrested and are being held at Police Headquarters.









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  3 Responses to “Greece: Repression of the People by the Government”

  1. In solidarity w/the ppl of Greece. This should not be happening-period! Stand up-fight back and stay strong and united. Power to the people. Thank you always for your newsletter.
    A faithful reader and supporter.

  2. For the last few years, we greek people live under what we call a dictatorship in parliamentary clothing. It can’t be called democracy by no means. A bunch of professional politicians, both of the traditional right-wing party and two pathetic social democrat ones, drive more and more people into extreme poverty and, when in comes to protestation, their only words to protesters are “law and order”. Which means a dense cloud of tear-gas over the central square of Athens and the riot police hitting people in the head with the METAL HANDLE of their clubs. Unfortunately we seem to have some way to go to get rid of this “government” – if a gang of corrupted agents of german interests could be called a government.

  3. Not being reported on OUR great BBC

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