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StopCartel TV broadcasts live from Athens, Greece weeknights @ 6 pm Athens time. The following post is a loose transcript of the August 6, 2012 broadcast 

By greydogg and snake arbusto, 99GetSmart

– In the birthplace of the Olympics in Northern Greece, two young men committed suicide over financial problems. Greeks and supporters from around the world mourn daily as the suicide rate soars in Greece, as the crisis worsens. Some believe these are not suicides, but financial murders.


– In the city of Ierissos, in Northern Greece, extensive clashes between demonstrators and rioting police were sparked when demonstrators attempted to protest the establishment and activation of a gold mine in their region and the environmental damage it will cause.

Around noon on Sunday, 5 August, a group of 400 local citizens along with six members of parliament from SYRIZA attempted to walk on a public road towards the designated area of the gold mine.

In response to the demonstration, the Mayor of Ierissos called the police. A public road was barricaded and the police refused to permit access to the group. When citizens verbally protested, they were attacked with chemical weapons and violence, turning the area into a battlefield.

MPs at the scene requested an official explanation from the police, in writing, of why citizens were not permitted to walk on a public road. The response from the police was negative.

An MP complained that at the same time members of parliament were attempting to negotiate with the leaders of the police, the rioting police unleashed massive amounts of chemical weapons on the demonstrators.

An elected local member of SYRIA stated that the MPs spent hours trying to convince the authorities to let them pass. They defended their right to have access to public roads and to protest at the site. Their efforts were met with more tear gas.

The people are aware that the police are acting as a private security force for big industrialists. The presence of the rioting police and their behavior against their own people creates a feeling that the region is under occupation, and this is quite unacceptable.

It is the right of every citizen to demand and exercise their right to walk on any public road and go wherever they wish. The citizens want to exercise their fundamental right of free movement.

Tensions in Ierissos escalated throughout the day – tensions created by public employees who engage in acts of violence against local citizens in order to protect the private interests of George Bobolas, owner of the gold-mining company.

The situation in the region remains very tense. Chemical weapons were being used throughout the night, transforming the city into a living hell.

Officials from the police defend their actions by laying the blame on the Mayor of Ierissos, who they claim falsely reported that the townspeople had set the Ierissos Municipal Building on fire. Obviously there was no fire, but that ‘technicality’ was ignored by the police.

For more background information on the Ierissos resistance:

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This is not the first time the Greek riot police have been dispatched as a private army against Greek citizens by a private citizen. BOBOLAS IS A REPEAT OFFENDER!: The Keratea Resistance @

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– In Athens this weekend, police conducted an extensive racist attack against the city’s immigrants. The police reportedly rounded up thousands of suspected ‘illegal immigrants’ in a large-scale deportation drive. More than 6,000 people were detained over the weekend.

Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias said the rounding-up of illegal immigrants would continue, arguing that their unchecked entry has brought Greece “to the brink of collapse.” “Whoever is arrested will be detained and deported,” he said.


– The average income for Greek families has decreased by at least 25%. At the same time, certain goods are sold in Greece for 25% more than in other EU countries.



Italy .59€

Greece .70€


France 1.32€

Italy 1.81€

Greece 2.38€


France .94€

Greece 1.58€

Soft drinks

Germany .45€

Bulgaria .51€

Spain .52€

Greece .62€


Germany .89€

Bulgaria .81€

Spain .71€

Greece .98€

Cleaning products

Germany 1.52€

Greece 1.56€


– The unemployment rate for young Greeks age 25 and under stands at 53%. Due to the uncertain future of Greek society, many students are choosing to emigrate to northern Europe.

Within a year the interest in studies in other countries has increased by 162%. Young people are trying to combine their studies with an eye towards future employment. They are seeking to study in countries that will permit them to enter the job market after completing their university studies.

The report states that this mass emigration to northern Europe also applies to students in Italy and Spain, where youth unemployment is also around 50%.


– Starting in September, another unbelievable economic attack on Greek citizens by their government will come in the form of a so-called ‘tax tsunami.’ The first round of emergency tax bills have already been attached to the electric bills and posted.

In mid-September homeowners will have to pay another extra tax on their property. And at the end of the year, an emergency tax on automobiles will be due.

Current economic conditions in Greece make it impossible for citizens to pay the extra ‘emergency’ taxes. However, nonpayment will result in the state seizing private property and evicting the owners.


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