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StopCartel TV broadcasts live from Athens, Greece on Monday and Thursday @ 6 pm Athens time. The following post is a loose transcript of the 26 November 2012 broadcast.

– From Brussels:

The IMF wants Eurozone finance ministers to agree to a cut in Greece’s debt by €40 billion, but German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble remains opposed to further cuts to the country’s ‘debts.’

After months of political theater, a green light is expected for the next dose of money to recapitalize the Greek banks. The funds will be swallowed up by the black hole of the Greek banks – aiding a clear and continuous theft of public funds.

The Troika’s manufactured economic crises and its prescribed ‘cure’ of austerity have plunged Greek society into a humanitarian catastrophe. The so-called third Memorandum (M3) demands further austerity measures and the mass privatization of public assets, forcing Greek citizens into an unsustainable position of paying the odious debt of the banks with their lives.


Predictions and polls:

– Citigroup predicts that there is more than a 60% probability that Greece will exit the Eurozone within 12-18 months, even if the Greek banks get the next dose of money.

– Analyst Ben May from Capital Economics, one of the biggest finance companies in the world, predicts that Greece will exit the euro in 2013. May stated that the Greek government and representatives from the Troika will agree to the last dose of money, but they are not in agreement over the sustainability of the Greek debt. Germany is going to refuse to agree to a reconstruction of the Greek debt, May said.

– From Reuters: A new Gallup poll indicates that SYRIZA has a 26% approval rating, with New Democracy at 21.5% and the neo-Fascist party Golden Dawn at 13.5%.


– Economic analysts are discussing the next storm of wage cuts, dismissals and unemployment that will plunge Greece into an employment status resembling feudalism.

The Troika’s and the Greek government-of-the-regime’s recently approved Memorandum 3 contains a complete reversal of the labor laws that were developed in Greece in the last few decades. M3 subverts collective bargaining and violently reduces wages to €586 per month, temporarily, until wages will decrease again in early April to a new minimum wage. As Chris Rock famously stated, “You know what that means when someone pays you minimum wage? You know what your boss was trying to say? It’s like, ‘Hey, if I could pay you less, I would, but it’s against the law.’”

Just one week after the passage of M3, large, profitable companies were quick to exploit workers by inviting employees, regardless of any current contracts, to renegotiate their monthly earnings under the threat of being laid off if they do not accept decreased wages and increased working hours.



Hundreds of Greek children are fainting in class daily from hunger. Recently, in Thessaloniki, a student at the Third Pines Elementary School fainted in class and was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, unconscious.

Greek citizens are appealing to their municipalities to provide at least one meal a day for young students, but their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

What kind of government creates policies that illegally funnel public funds and assets into the pockets of the already wealthy by starving children?


– For the third straight week, public employees are occupying town halls and municipal buildings in regions all over Greece to oppose further wage cuts and layoffs.

In Heraklion, Chania and Aghios Nikolaos on the island of Crete, public employees have occupied administrative buildings and have gone on strike for eight consecutive days. ADEDY (the Civil Servants’ Confederation) is encouraging all employees to participate in demonstrations.


– The Supreme Court deputy prosecutor Nikos Pantelis forwarded the so-called Lagarde list to the Greek Parliament through the Minister of Justice, Antonis Roupakiotis, to investigate potential criminal liability. Meanwhile, in the Greek courts, members of the big cartels whose names are on the list are fighting to retain their anonymity and immunity for their crimes.


From the Organization Doctors of the World – Greek branch:

We are facing a humanitarian catastrophe every day in the social medical clinics. All over Greece, doctors and patients are experiencing the hardest winter in decades. Doctors see daily queues of people crowding outside polyclinics in Athens, Perama, Thessaloniki, Patras and Chania. Healthcare in Greece cannot be obtained without being employed. [ed. note: Unemployment stands at over 25% on Greece]

Everyday people, pensioners and the unemployed have put their inhibitions aside to seek help. The ‘austerity era’ has changed people, who have pushed aside their dignity in order to get the medical care and medicines they need to survive. From healthcare to food, there is no longer shame in seeking help. Times have changed.


– Last weekend in Athens, about 70 people organized themselves to help ease the humanitarian catastrophe surrounding them. They cooked meals in their homes and brought the food to a local park to feed the hungry. About 90 grateful people came to eat at the free, all-volunteer open-air kitchen.


Thousands of homes all over Greece continue to have their electricity cut off every day. Presently, there are hundreds of thousands of homes without electricity. The mass media refuse to report on the issue at all.

Tensions arose outside the central office of the electricity corporation in the city of Patras. Many citizens gathered outside the central office of the electricity corporation, shouting angrily about how ruthlessly the electricity is cut off in the homes of poor people.

People are unable to pay their bills due to the high unemployment rate, wage and pension cuts and government-of-the-regime extortion via ‘emergency taxes’ which are attached to utility bills.


– Citizens in the southern suburbs of Athens reacted strongly to a group of 20-30 Golden Dawn members who appeared in their neighborhood, presumably to show their presence and gain support from the locals.

People of all ages were unafraid, despite the daily violence perpetrated by Golden Dawn members. The locals closely followed the neo-Nazi march, shouting the slogan, “Fascism – Never Again!” until Golden Dawn members dispersed and left the town.


– In Brussels, the 17-member Eurogroup met for the third time in two weeks to discuss the “Greek issue.” After exiting the summit, French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici made statements to the press.

“Yesterday, we made strong progress, which means that tomorrow, Europeans should have a common position. We are very close to a solution.” 

Moscovici said that Greece has fulfilled its obligations and promises. The program submitted to the Eurogroup is credible and Greece has made material efforts. All the parameters of the issues are known to everyone and all the issues are on the table. Moscovici added that the Eurogroup would leave the summit with an agreement.




StopCartel TV broadcasts live from Athens, Greece on Mondays and Thursdays at 6pm Athens time @

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  2 Responses to “GREECE: The Austerity “Cure” is a Humanitarian Catastrophe”

  1. Good article.
    But lets stop using the word “feudalism” as a synonym for “underdevelopped”.
    Our utilitaristic culture defined since the 1700’s the word “feudalism” as a synonym for everything they stated as “bad”, “terrible” or the opposite of “progress”, that remained as a synonym for everything they thought as “good” or “the best”.
    So almost everytime we say “feudalism” we are actually saying “very bad”, or in a more contemporary capitalistic form: “underdevelopped” or “undevelopped”.

    It’s not true that feudalism had such a phenomenon as the unemployment. That’s just because it was a very different system and people did not had to face things like capitalitic crises. They didn’t had “jobs” to lose. Basically, they were fixed to the land and had to work in the common lands and in the lord lands. There was not such a thing as a labour market where people have to “sell” their capacity of work in order to receive salaries, or to get a job… Therefore this unemployment we are talking about is a strictly capitalistic phenomenon as well as what is happening now in Greece and in other countries in Europe…

  2. Humanitarian disaster indeed Share if you can…(the running post on the page is as below)

    12/12/12 at 12 noon. We will have no other chance in this century to coordinate and demand an end to the humanitarian crisis in Europe. STOP THIS MESS even at the 12th hour…We can peacefully get out of our cars, our homes, our offices and for five minutes on that day at noon shout it out clearly and in all languages:
    There is no more time.People loose their jobs, their homes, even their lives, every minute, so that economic figures look better on paper.We are all needed in asking for an end to this. All across Europe, in every country, every city, or village.We can do it.No more lives lost to save the numbers.
    “Save our lives…not the numbers”!

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