Oct 122012

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Europe is nearing a tipping point – and it’s not so inconceivable that the ongoing financial crisis could descend into all-out war. With a second bailout coming down the pike for Greece – and more austerity – or starvation – on the way for the Greek people – hotter heads are speaking up. One being German Finance Minister Wolfgang Shauble. You see – when we’re talking about “bail outs” for Greece – or I should say bailouts for banksters who’ve invested in Greece and don’t want to lose their money – we’re essentially talking about German money. That’s primarily who’s footing the bill for these bailouts – along with Nordic nations. And Schauble – the German finance minister – is getting fed up. After all – it’s his job to make sure German money is invested wisely. And Schauble doesn’t see Greece – with its capital city of Athens on fire – suicide rates skyrocketing – and unemployment at 20% – as a wise investment.

So before forking over the money – Schauble is making some outrageous demands of Greece – the main one being that Greece should postpone their elections so a new government won’t come to power that may do what Iceland has done in two citizen referendums – say, “hell no!” to the banksters – including the German banksters. Think about that for a second – here’s one sovereign European nation – Germany -trying to prevent another sovereign European nation – Greece – from holding democratic elections. That’s where this financial crisis has brought us. As expected – Schauble’s demands have been met with anger and animosity from Greece. The Greek President called it an “insult.” The Greek Finance Minister suggested that a conspiracy was underway to have Greece kicked out of the Eurozone. And Greek newspapers are routinely publishing political cartoons portraying the Germans as Nazis.


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