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StopCartel TV broadcasts live from Athens, Greece weeknights @ 6 pm Athens time. The following post is a loose transcript of the 27 August 2012 broadcast.

By greydogg and snake arbusto, 99GetSmart

– The Agricultural Dairy Industry of Epirus, DODONI, was established in 1963 by the Agricultural Bank of Greece and six Unions of Agricultural Cooperatives in the Epirus region. DODONI is the leading Greek producer and exporter of cheese products. In 2007, net profits reached 5.4€ million.

As instructed by the Troika, the government-of-the-regime is selling the public companies silently, one by one. The sale of DODONI will lead to increased unemployment and further doom in the farming sector. KKE, the communist party of Greece, stated in July:

“There will be a chain reaction of repercussions, increasing unemployment and affecting agricultural production and the entire food chain and processing chain. There will be dismissals and new, worse, labor conditions for those left in order for the private concerns to reduce their salary costs and ensure their profitability.”


– On the occasion of his less-than-triumphant return from last week’s meetings in Germany and France, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras speechified about how the meetings he attended were well prepared and that no last-minute decisions were made. This is no surprise in the current climate, where politicians are administrative clerks rather than decision makers and meetings like this are just for show.

The Troika is asking for proof that the government-of-the-regime is following the terms of the Memorandum. Isn’t the current Troika-inspired humanitarian catastrophe in Greece proof enough?

Samaras concluded his remarks with a mantra that is deliberately and repeatedly used to terrorize and brainwash the Greek people: It’s very important that Greece remain in the Euro zone and on the euro.

And in an apparent attempt to make starvation sound noble, Samaras asserted that “this battle transcends political parties and the voices” (of the Greek people?) “that are heard next to us. We will continue to fight this battle because this is what our country demands! We are obliged to do this!”


– On Monday, Angela Merkel was interviewed about her meetings with Samaras. Responding to a question about Samaras’s trustworthiness, Merkel responded that in the past the Prime Minister has appeared as the savior of his country. She said, “I have spoken to Samaras and I get the impression that he is making serious efforts. Obviously, we have lost a lot of confidence over the last two years. Because of these circumstances, every action to enforce the efforts underway counts. Greece’s commitments need to become real actions.”


Costas Lapavitsas is a professor of economics at the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies. He teaches the political economy of finance and is a regular columnist for The Guardian.

In an interview conducted by Paul Jay of the Real News Network, Lapavitsas made the following statements:

Well, the situation is definitely getting worse in real terms. What is happening is that the country is now forced to engage in a new bout of cuts – basically a new bout of austerity. Basically, the country will have to reduce public spending by perhaps €13.5 billion up to 2014. This is a very large sum for the Greek economy, a large proportion of its GDP. So the country’s being forced to do that. And to achieve this target, the government will now have to cut wages, pensions of public servants, and it will have to effectively fire a large number of civil servantsup to 150,000 people, to 2014.

Now, this is what the government has to do, it’s being forced to do, by the European Union. And I want to stress the complete absurdity of this in economic terms. This is a country that’s in its fifth year of recession. This recession is probably the most severe recession in the history of Greece, and it’s definitely—it’s basically a depression. Income from the—national income from the beginning of the crisis has contracted by about 20 percent. The Greeks have seen their livelihood devastated. Everything is on a downward path, with the possible exception of exports, which are not doing terribly well, but they’re not falling, at any rate.

Now, in the midst of this depression, the European Union is forcing the Greek government to implement vast cuts, additional cuts, in order to achieve a primary surplus by 2014. This is nonsense economics. It’s absurd. It’s absolutely absurd. […]



– The results of a new survey refute the stereotype of  the ‘lazy Greeks.’

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the average Greek works 2,017 hours a year – more than their counterparts from any other European country. Greece is second only to South Korea.

The Dutch, on the other hand, work an average of 1,377 hours per year, the least in Europe. Germany is in second place with fewer employees, working 1,408 hours a year!

The data mentioned above, however, should not be interpreted unilaterally, as working more hours does not always equate with more productivity. So even though the Greeks work longer hours than the Germans, the OECD notes that the Netherlands and Germany are among the most productive countries in Europe, which is explained by strong expertise, financial capacity, and a smaller percentage of corruption.


DER SPIEGEL: The destiny of Greece will be judged in October

The fate of Greece will be decided at the European Summit in October. Europe’s leaders are not convinced that the austerity policy pursued by the Greek government will produce results fast enough for their sadistic tastes. European partners will be invited to choose from a series of solutions and equally bad alternatives.

According to the magazine, the Greek Prime Minister’s meeting with the President of the Eurogroup, Jean-Claude Juncker, was “warm,” but only in front of television cameras. Behind closed doors, Juncker raked Samaras over the coals, warning the Greek PM that he has no options. Juncker added that the Greek government could not expect further ‘special treatment’ and that to constantly seek more time for reform is not helping anyone.

During his visit to Berlin on Friday, Samaras asked for more time to implement reforms and told Der Spiegel that he has two or three weeks to come up with a package of 14 billion in cuts over the next two years. He also promised, among other things, that he will proceed with the immediate privatization of public assets, cut more public-sector jobs and improve the tax collection system.


– SYRIZA, the main opposition party in Greece, commented on Greek PM Antonis Samaras’s recent trip to Germany and France, on Monday.

“Arguments concerning the salvation of Greece and its presence in the Euro zone cannot hide the fact that the Euro zone is imploding from extreme austerity and ‘fiscal discipline’.”

“Whereas the government reports ‘successful meetings’ with European leaders, those meetings have only reaffirmed their common commitment to enforce destructive policies. The Greek people have been invited to the new looting of their incomes and rights.”

“The communication game between the government-of-the-regime and the Troika’s clerks cannot conceal that the new package will lead Greece to further economic derailment, social degradation, and a new spiral of recession and unemployment.’’

‘‘The purpose of the Memorandum is not to address the problem of debt sustainability and remaining in the Euro zone, but to implement barbaric and inhumane policies which should be overturned by workers throughout Europe.’’


A father of three attempted suicide due to severe financial problems. Crushed by the weight of personal economic problems that gave him no breathing room, the 45-year-old man attempted to end his life by jumping into a river near Simi, near the border. For more than a year, he was unable to find work. The family has been living off a small income from his wife, who works only in the summer. For a family with three children, it was not nearly enough money to survive.


– Ever since the ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn party gained parliamentary immunity, television time, and 50% of the vote of the Greek rioting police, they have increased their efforts to unleash hell against immigrants daring to reside within Greece’s borders.

On Saturday at 2 a.m. a group of three neo-Nazis used an incendiary explosive device in an attempt to burn Pakistani immigrants alive in their home while they slept.

In the flat, located near Saint Anargyrous, Navit Navaz was awakened by an explosion from a flaming bottle of gasoline that landed on the edge of the bed where he slept.

Mr. Navaz was brought to Thriasio Hospital and was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit with severe burns on his back and hands.


– For the first time into a five-year economic depression, the Greek media have published a ‘shocking spread’ depicting a Greek family foraging through the garbage for food in Thessaloniki.

While almost all the inhabitants of the city swam at a nearby beach, three figures suddenly made their appearance in the deserted streets of the square and rummaged through the garbage bins looking for sustenance.

What is more shocking? The story of a young family ‘dumpster diving’ to survive? Or the fact that the pathetic Greek media are just getting around to reporting an event which has become an everyday fact of life for the ordinary Greek after five years of imposed austerity measures?


– SYRIZA is making an inquiry as to how the government-of-the-regime plans to tackle the financing and operational needs of schools this fall.

Members of SYRIZA-MCM Michalis Kritsotakis, Maria Diakaki, and Tasos Kourakis submitted those questions to the Ministers of Education, Religion, Culture and Sport, and Economy.

Schools are set to open this September, but are unable to meet even their most basic operational needs due to sharp budget cuts. The cracks in the system are visibly widening.


Information is the backbone of the effort to liberate ourselves, not just in Greece or Europebut the whole world. Independent media is an important conduit of unfiltered information. We must build and support a network of information in order to succeed.

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