Jun 302012


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The IMF-EU bailout deal for Greece is in fact an anti-constitutional agreement. The debt crisis in many countries of the eurozone ( Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, etc. ) is nothing more than illegitimate debt that benefits private world banks, financial creditors and European government officials. The provisions included in the loan contract and the bailout deal violate all principles of the Greek Constitution and European and International Law. The Greeks have every legal and moral right to defend their constitution against the policies which tend to eliminate the country’s very sovereignty.

The theory of the “odious debt” is not a general or newly-founded concept. It is based on the principles of international law (U.N. Charter) and can be legally used when the debt has been incurred, not in the interests of people, but against its interests and / or in the personal interest of the rulers or persons close to the regime. Institutions like the World Bank and the IMF must be checked for their policies towards lending money, advocating exhausting austerity mechanisms and, moreover, co-operation with corrupt and dictatorial regimes. The denial to pay off the debt would be a blow to this anti=social liberal madness and would send a strong message to international loan sharks.

Stand in solidarity with the people of Greece and relieve them from the unbearable weight of an illegitimate and “dirty” debt. SUPPORT GREEKS AGAINST THIS HOSTILE TAKE OVER.


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