Jun 182012
Hey friends,
Summer is almost here and I have some hot new animal portraits to share with you. And, for you petless friends out there, I have a new print for sale.

I’m loving doing these animals! These are all dogs, but please, bring on the cats and the sloths. I work directly from photographs and tailor the background to your liking. They make great gifts. Check outwww.robertlucyanimals.com for pricing info, and forward to all the animal-lovers in your life!

Tiny Tina Turner

I am making a new series of archival prints with Catchlight Studios in Brooklyn. I started with Seaflowers which is 34″x44″. I’m really proud of how it turned out: It’s super crispy with intense color. I’m making a limited edition of 25, and for $500 it’s a way to have a lot of Bobby Lucy for not too much money. Let me know if you want one!!

Hope you all have a sexy summer!
Stay cool and have fun,

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