Jun 242012

Source: Michio Kaku, BigThink


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  One Response to “Michio Kaku: Will Mankind Destroy Itself?”

  1. I have an enormous respect for Michio Kaku. He’s both amazingly brilliant and also adept at describing science in an easily digestible way. But this statement that terrorists are backward and fighting against progress in the name of religious oppression is not plausible to me. I don’t claim to understand terrorists or to be able to lump them all into a single mindset.
    There are groups who are fighting in favor of religious control and oppression and I see aspects of that both in Muslim fighters in Afghanistan (blowing up Budha statues) as well as in American Tea Party members, ‘pro-life’ activists, and gay-bashers.
    However the people who fight against global corporate control are certainly not fighting against human progress. They’re fighting against the oppression of the wealthy. Whether it’s Muslims fighting against American corporations who want to take natural resources in Afghanistan or environmentalists fighting oil companies.
    Terrorist has become a ‘type 1’ label for anyone who threatens the absolute control of the world’s wealthiest people. Some are definately bad, but not all are fighting against progress. We should be cautious to not continue the mistakes of the American president who said ‘you’re either with us or against us.’ No issue or group can be put in binary terms.

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