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By Michael Collins, Daily Censored

Here is perfect example of crony capitalism. Greek leaders do a very bad deal in secret with the help of the geniuses on Wall Street. It turns out badly for he Greek people by creating an economic crisis. As he crisis worsens, predicted shortages of medicine and exponential price increases emerge. Patients with multiple sclerosis, cancer,diabetes and other critical diseases face drug shortages and out of control price increases.

“On Thursday, the [Greek] multiple sclerosis patients’ association warned that if the problems persisted, sufferers could be ‘led to their deaths’. Associations representing cancer, diabetes and kidney disease patients have also spoken of the gravity of the situation. ‘Finding medicines,’ said the MS association, ‘has become a marathon for people with chronic illnesses.’” The Independent, June 9

What happens if multiple sclerosis is untreated?

“Conclusions: This first large study in untreated patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) with different disease subtypes shows that brain atrophy proceeds relentlessly throughout the course of MS, with a rate that seems largely independent of the MS subtype, when adjusting for baseline brain volume.” Assessing brain atrophy rates in a large population of untreated multiple sclerosis subtypes, Neurology, January 31, 2012

German Chancellor Merkel and the central bankers who see the need to act tough with Greece and other nations in financial crisis plus all of those complicit with the denial of health care based in economic deprivation are directly responsible for everyone suffering as a result of those efforts. They belong in jail. Unfortunately, they’re the leaders of the advanced economies.

The system is beyond broke. It is assaulting the people it claims to serve.

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By Stathis Gourgouris, Aljazeera

For the survival of the euro zone and global capitalism in general, Greece’s elections on June 17 will be even more important than the landmark vote on May 6.

The May 6 electoral result demonstrated that the majority of the Greek people are refusing to accept the imposed dismantling of their social and economic infrastructure, the flash impoverishment across broad strata of society, the annihilation of the next generation’s future, and the vilification of an entire way of life. Even more important, Greek society showed that it will not accept being used as an experiment of global neoliberal economics. As argued in recent article in The Wall Street Journal, this was not merely an economic experiment. German Chancellor Angela Merkel is quoted admitting that, in imposing such painful austerity measures, the troika singled out Greece for punishment as a lesson to any other European societies who might consider resisting its commands. […]

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Source: youtube

Discussion, “The heart of the people of Europe beats in Greece”.

3. 6. 2012, Athens, Greece

Slavoj Žižek, one of the most prominent contemporary thinkers, Alexis Tsipras, president of the parliamentary group of SYRIZA/EKM and Kostas Douzinas, professor of Philosophy of Law at the of Birkbeck University of London, will talk about the overthrow of the neo-liberal policies which generate the crisis, exacerbate the recession and impose austerity, leading to a catastrophic humanitarian crisis.

At this point, it would be useful to remind that the Slovenian philosopher has already declared his support for SYRIZA, in an article that was published in London Review of Books, under the title ” Save us from the saviours.”

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By Lena Mavraka and Vasilis Papatheodorou, CorpWatch

After almost two years, the traffic lights in the city of Athens are finally being fixed without delay or makeshift solutions. For Greece – a country that appears to be rushing headlong off a financial cliff and bringing down the rest of Europe with it – this small miracle might seem to like an omen that things are changing for the better or at least, the correction of a bureaucratic mistake.

The truth is that this simple act reveals the enormous power that one single company holds over the country of Greece: Siemens from Munich, Germany, a manufacturing behemoth with $96 billion in 2010-2011 sales.

On November 11, 2010, Siemens turned off 35 traffic lights in central Athens in protest against Greek government fines as high as €500 million ($650 million) to settle allegations of bribery to win contracts. In April 2012, the Greek government agreed to settle with Siemens for €270 million to settle the charges. In return the state issued the company a €41 million contract to work on an extension to the Athens metro and fix the city’s traffic lights.

It is a stunning turnaround for the company whose name has been tarnished for its role in what many consider the greatest corporate scandal in postwar history of Greece. Millions of Euros have allegedly been paid into secret Swiss bank accounts of high-ranking politicians of the two parties that have run Greece since collapse of the military dictatorship in 1974 – Pasok (the Social Democratic party) and New Democracy on the right. All told the bribery is estimated to have had a cost of €2 billion to the Greek economy, according to a high level parliamentary investigation – and Siemens had a starring role.

“In Greece Siemens has spend the most black money (bribes) than in any other country of the European Union between the late 1990s and 2004,” says Tassos Telloglou, author of “The Network: File Siemens.”

The tale came to a dramatic head in June 2009 when Michael Christoforakos, the former CEO of Siemens, was arrested in Rosenheim, a southeastern suburb of Munich, after disappearing when Greek judicial authorities began investigating the charges. […]

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Source: Washington Post

[…] Europe’s widening recession and financial crisis has hurt companies and investors around the world. Providing a financial lifeline to Spanish banks is likely to relieve anxiety on the Spanish economy — which is five times larger than Greece’s — and on markets concerned about the country’s ability to pay its way.

“What the markets are looking for is essentially the Spanish government’s acceptance that its banks are broke,” said Jacob Kirkegaard, a research fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington.

Economy Minister Luis de Guindos announced the deal after an emergency conference call with eurozone financial leaders. He said the aid will go to the banking sector only and would not come with new austerity conditions attached for the economy in general — conditions that have been an integral part of previous bailouts to Portugal, Ireland and Greece. […]

[…] Finance ministers of the 17 countries that use the euro said the money would be fed directly into a fund Spain set up to recapitalize its banks, but underscored that the Spanish government is ultimately responsible for the loan. […]

READ @ http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/spain-decision-could-come-very-soon-whether-to-seek-bailout-for-ailing-banking-sector/2012/06/08/gJQAJM36OV_story.html?wpisrc=al_national



By Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge

While the short-term benefits can be weighed against any long-term solution a number of ways, Nigel Farage provides not just the most colorful summation of situation but also the most succinct when he refers to the ‘madness’ of ‘intervention to keep the Euro alive’ as “reinforcement of failure”. The better, and braver, in his opinion, thing to do, is to recognize that those Mediterranean countries should never have joined the Euro in the first place. As we have stated again and again, by kicking-the-can once again to prop up the euro-zone with bailout-after-bailout, all we are doing is prolonging the misery. The discussion on Sky News digs into the collateral-damage ‘strawman’ – which will happen anyway – and then ‘Red’ Ken Livingstone (an infamously socialist-leaning British politician who advocated for Britain’s joining the Euro when it was formed) now somewhat notably agrees with Nigel that “locking Europe into a decade of permanent economic malaise” adding that once the smaller countries were added to the core, “it was doomed to fail”. The two ‘odd fellows’ continue on to discuss the analogy of the USA to a United States of Europe noting that it took a civil war and a century before a common monetary and fiscal policy was accepted, adding simply that Europe’s “nations will not give up their sovereignty”.

READ / VIDEO @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=OxgwI-0Sozg



By Satyajit Das, Naked Capitalism

[…] The IMF assumes only the smaller Spanish savings banks (the Cajas) will need help. In reality, the larger Spanish banks may also require capital.

Spain’s banks have over €300 billion in exposure to the real-estate sector, mostly through loans to developers. Around €180 billion of this exposure is considered “problematic” by Spain’s central bank.

Estimates suggest that there are about 700,000 vacant newly built homes, but including repossessed properties the total could be as high as one million or even higher. At current sales levels, it will take many years to clear the backlog, which will be compounded by more properties being completed and coming onto the market. Housing prices have fallen by 15-20% but are forecast to fall eventually by as much as 50-60%. A severe recession and unemployment of 25% means that losses on Spain’s over €600 billion of home mortgages loans are likely to also rise.

The proposed amount also does not include any provision for write downs on holding of sovereign debt. Local banks are estimated to hold over 60% of outstanding Spanish government bonds. […]

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Source: RT

Spain is on the edge of a financial abyss, as EU sources claim it could ask for a bailout as early as this evening. Madrid’s credit score has been slashed, while it’s borrowing costs soared close to the level that forced Greece, Portugal and Ireland to seek rescue. But as Eurozone powerhouses try to keep the single currency afloat, one Irish town is banking on the past, to turn a profit.

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Source: youtube

June 9 2012 – as the Fukushima radiation/debris carries west across the Pacific Ocean, radionuclide-intensely-contaminated Fukushima rivers daily rushing into the ocean, the media sleeps on the danger of the radiation. Fish contaminated with cesium are now being caught off of San Diego. Maps re currents help U understand what is going on: Danger California, Oregon, all points west of Fukushima especially!! Check the oceanic ‘gyres’ or currents.

VIDEO @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=awl8_dgWbng



Source: youtube

VIDEO @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=CvfJCzYtA3Y#!



By Brandon Smith, Alt-Market

A perfect example of this process of public manipulation by the Department Of Defense is the movie ‘Act Of Valor’ which was released this year.  The project actually started out as a high budget MILITARY RECRUITMENT FILM, and then morphed into a concept for a full length movie which features real life special-ops personnel and unprecedented access to military technology and machinery.  Though the DoD claims it did not directly fund the film in any way, it did provide nearly every set piece that was essential to the movie’s creation, including the actors!  The storyline of the flick was mediocre at its best, and shameless propaganda at its worst.  So voracious is its one sided portrayal of the establishment war machine I believe it would make the likes of Goebells blush.  If you have ever seen those BMW featurettes starring famous actors doing superhuman things in BMW vehicles, that is essentially what most Hollywood films about the U.S. military are now; multi-million dollar commercials designed to sell you on a candy-coated image of the military industrial complex.

Another fine contribution by the DoD to the land of cinema was ‘Black Hawk Down’, a movie which outlined the civil war in Somalia completely out of context, removing any reference to the U.S. involvement in the development of the crisis from the beginning as well as the influences of oil giants Chevron, Conoco, Phillips, and Amoco.  They even went so far as to change the name of real-life Army Ranger John Stebbins (played by Ewen McGregor) to “John Grimes”.  Why?  Because John Stebbins had been convicted to a 30 year prison term for molesting a girl under the age of 12, and this did not reflect well on the film’s message of purity and brotherhood in arms.  After Black Hawk Down had been thoroughly edited to the liking of the U.S. military, the movie was released, and the premier was attended by Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Oliver North, and numerous high profile generals. […]

READ / VIDEO @ http://www.alt-market.com/articles/833-pentagon-sanitizes-movies-to-make-americans-more-warlike



By Yamiche Alcindor, USA Today

[…] The ordinances are pitting city officials against homeless advocates. City leaders say they want to improve the lives of homeless people and ensure public safety, while supporters of the homeless argue that such regulations criminalize homelessness and make it harder to live on the nation’s streets.

“We’re seeing these types of laws being proposed and passed all over the country,” said Heather Johnson, a civil rights attorney at the homeless and poverty law center, which opposes many of the measures. “We think that criminalization measures such as these are counterproductive. Rather than address the root cause of homelessness, they perpetuate homelessness.” […]

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We are committed to 100% transparency and will post all donations and expenditures on this site. (In the spirit of Occupy, donors may chose to remain anonymous but all money donated will be announced!)

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