May 212012

Published on May 21, 2012 by , youtube

Chicago police pushing back peaceful protesters with billy clubs, edited together from a number of videos. On the front line in the beginning, pretty close to the front towards the end. This video demonstrates the police maneuvering protesters from the intersection of Cermak and Michigan back west to State, and ends with the CPD sending 10 or so white vans after the marchers who continued south on State as they attempted to head for McCormick Place. For CPD billy-clubbing, set your dial to 5:09 (right up close), and 18:15.

Pretty chaotic at 7:45. Protesters picking up the barricade at 9:2810:35 injured demonstrator coming through the crowd. 15:26 police pushing. 16:48 a little more violent police pushing. Really nasty push 17:3618:35 man yelling badge number of cop hitting him in back with baton. 18:56 I think a cop hitting a guy in lower portion of frame, but hard to tell.


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