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By greydogg, 99GetSmart.com

JULY 2, 2012

What kind of government is it that spends its citizens’ money to pay the criminal banksters, who have bribed them to do so, rather than to help its own citizens who live below the poverty line?

– There was another suicide in Athens yesterday around lunchtime. A man leapt to his death from the roof of his home. It was reported that he had tremendous financial problems and was so filled with despair that he decided it would be better to end his life. Just like the previous government, the newly formed government continues to lead the country and Greek society into a humanitarian catastrophe. Tragically, another victim has been sacrificed to the regime.

– This weekend, Syriza, the official opposition party, held a two-day forum where internal procedures of Syriza were discussed. StopCartel’s position is that this is not the right time or the right place for Syriza to discuss internal procedures.

There are a multitude of problems facing Greek society – tremendous suffering, suicides, hopelessness and homelessness, homes without water and electricity. Unemployment is rising daily, plunging more people into despair. The political parties, movements, and initiatives need one single priority, and that is to focus on solutions to relieve the suffering of the Greek people. The deepest type of political intervention is needed. History provides hundreds of examples of People’s movements being justified because of the lack of political intervention to help the People that the government is ‘elected’ to represent and serve.

On Monday, Alexis Tsipras, the leader of Syriza, spoke at an economic forum organized by economists in Greece. He said that the current government’s plan for Greece is leading the country nowhere. It has been proven in multiple ways that it cannot succeed. This plan has led the people of Greece into a humanitarian catastrophe. The plan needs to be abolished in favor of a whole new roadmap for Greece which must address the current humanitarian crisis in Greece. The Troika’s plan for Greece leaves Greeks living with the reality of the current humanitarian catastrophe, where there is no end in sight.

– Greece’s government announced on Monday it is stepping up its extensive privatization program.

According to Financial News Online:

Greece is raising its state asset sales target for the year to $5.5 billion EUR, up from an initial target of between $2 billion EUR and $4 billion EUR that they said they were aiming for just a few weeks ago.

Under the revised plan, Greece will immediately seek a buyer for its 34% stake in Hellenic Postbank, which it had originally slated for 2013. It will also move sometime this year to sell another 34% stake, in the gambling monopoly OPAP SA, instead of in 2012.

The government said it will move forward with sales of its holding in Piraeus Port Authority SA, the Thessaloniki Port Authority SA, and the Thessaloniki Water Supply and Sewerage Company. The government owns a 74% stake in each of those companies.

Greek Finance Minister George Papaconstantinou said in a statement, “The Cabinet decided to immediately proceed with the sale of stakes in OTE, the Postbank, the Athens and Thessaloniki ports, and the Thessaloniki water company in order to frontload its ambitious privatization program.”

The government announced the establishment of a sovereign wealth fund that will act as a holding company for the state’s assets and real estate holdings, and reaffirmed its commitment to meet its 2011 deficit target of 7.5% of GDP.

The Greek cabinet is also reportedly considering further cuts in pay for state workers and more layoffs, in an effort to increase 2011 budget cuts to over $6 billion Euros.

There is a right-wing Fascist government in Greece. No more, no less.

– How are the protests going?

The protests are NOT growing. The people have been misled by the media and are in a holding pattern. It’s summer, and temperatures are soaring. It’s not the best time for activism.

The elections have served as a mechanism to distract the people from their emotions and anger. The consequences of the election come in the financial follow-up. Now it is time for the measures to be imposed. And when the selling of the Greek People’s assets begins, StopCartel predicts that it won’t take long for huge protests to hit the streets again.

– Germany is making money off the sale of military equipment to Greece. Since 2010, Greece’s military budget has increased because Germany, France, and the U.S. all have a financial interest in selling weapons to Greece. Although the financial situation in Greece has been dramatic, military spending has increased. The Germans are lying when they assert that they never pressed Greece to purchase military equipment.

Greece is always trying to upgrade its military equipment in relation to Turkey. Greeks have no reason whatsoever to fear an attack, but despite this, the Greek government continues to spend billions on military equipment while de-funding and cutting pensions and salaries.

What’s worse is that the military equipment that Germany, France and the US are selling – submarines and aircraft and tanks – is sold to Greece at inflated prices –three times more than the ‘sticker price.’

– After the election, several new taxes are scheduled to be imposed on homeowners, professionals, etc. There is an elevated taxation of everything in a context where people have no jobs or money to pay the extra taxes.

Why did the people vote in this government?

An examination of the election results shows that a minority of the Greek people voted in favor of this failed government and its criminal economic policies. This 28% represent the Greek citizens who have their financial affairs in order. They seem to have no compassion for the plight of Greek society as a whole and have allowed themselves to be terrorized by propaganda. It is this minority, this 28% who voted for the same failed government with the same failed policies.

– The media are misleading the people all around the world. This is why independent media are so important. Please help us spread the word that we exist. We are trying to raise awareness.

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