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By greydogg, 99GetSmart.com

JULY 3, 2012

–  In Peristeri, a suburb 6 km. west of Athens, a free SocioMedical Out-Patient Clinic has been initiated. StopCartel TV has been invited to participate and to support that effort. On Monday, July 8th, StopCartel will be there for the opening of the clinic, in order to show and explain how the clinic has been set up and what the functions and practices of the Socio-Medical Out-Patient clinic will be. Presently, there are 8 doctors of various specialties involved, but that number is sure to grow.

The free clinic will provide:

– free examinations

– free lab tests

– free medication (to the extent possible)

StopCartel has a request for everyone reading this message: Please take this opportunity to collect medication of any sort and send it to the clinic. We will provide an address in our next update.

– This weekend in Athens:

This weekend, there are two main events taking place in Athens.

An anti-racist festival starting on Friday – Sunday. If conditions are favorable, StopCartel TV will be broadcasting this event LIVE on location.

Also, the Elliniko Project is hosting a Peace Party at the Old International Airport of Athens. It’s a huge space that was allocated to the Greek People for a central park, which Athens desperately needs because of the severe pollution problems there. However, as with all social contracts in Greece today, the current government is planning to ignore that the property belongs to the Greek people and has plans to sell it to private interests in order to build a casino and shopping mall. There will be a huge political gathering on the beachfront in Athens to protest the sale of this public property.

– All over Greece, government-funded nurseries and kindergartens are scheduled to be permanently closed. In Athens, 5 nurseries housing 350 children of working parents will be shut down. This presents a great problem for working parents. Who will care for their children while they are at work every day? The government refuses to spend money for the care of small children. This is what we mean when we say there is a humanitarian crisis in Greece.

This action concerns all the municipally-funded nurseries. All nurseries and kindergartens will be closed. It’s a huge social problem, as well as a political and financial problem. And, it is all part of the brutal policies of the ruthless regime, who have set things up so that all the money in Greece goes to pay off the interest on the loans from the Troika, while ignoring the needs of the citizens who pay with their lives. This will effect thousands and thousands of families who are already struggling to survive.

– The number of unemployed in Greece, officially, approaches 1.5 million – which means that unofficially the number is closer to 2 million. Remember that Greece has a population of 11 million.

– The unemployed are getting a state subsidy for only one year.

– Much has been said about the summit in Brussels and the decision made about recapitalizing the banks. Please take time to watch this short and informative video, which clearly explains the ESM Treaty: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gNa5k0KCVbw&feature=related 

The Troika continues to stonewall and refuses any further negotiation with Greece. They continue to insist that that their political tools from ND and PASOK must impose all the austerity measures cited in the Memorandum.

The decision has been made that any funds that Greece takes in ‘loans’ must be counted as public debt. In contrast, Italy and Spain will be given money from the ESM, and it won’t be counted as part of the public debt. Greece is the exception.

Clearly, Greece is under occupation. The Greek People don’t accept the slavery imposed on them and they are resisting.

– The regime is demanding a new 15% cut in wages for the Greek people.

– Once again, the ruling political party commits fraud against the citizens by reneging on their campaign promises. Only 28% voted for the traitor parties.

– The German administrator to Greece said Greece’s assets will be sold immediately, including the Greek Ports and National Banks. (See more details on the selling of public assets in yesterday’s news update.)

News from Athens via StopCartel Livestream broadcasting LIVE

Monday – Friday @ 10 pm Athens time @ http://www.livestream.com/stopcarteltvgr


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