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By greydogg, 99GetSmart.com

* At the recent European Summit, there were no significant decisions made regarding Greece. No capital will be made available for Greece. There is always plenty of capital for the banksters and the military-security complex, but never any money or compassion for the victims of their crimes.

* Greeks are leaving Greece – emigrating. Or committing suicide. Canceling operations if they have access to medical care. Greek citizens, who previously held jobs and WANT TO WORK, are starving to death. Post-election, the mood in Greece is very grim.

* The temperatures in Greece are quite high this June. With an economic crisis that leaves 68% of Greeks living BELOW the poverty level, Athenians can no longer afford to get away during the intense heat. Instead, they are spending their free time cooling off on the beaches of Athens.

Last summer, the Greek people spent their time in Sytntagma Square. One year ago, on June 28-29, the people who occupied Syntagma Square were subjected to extensive attacks beginning early on June 28 and continuing until 4am on the 29th. The rioting police used tons of chemical weapons against the citizens they were sworn to serve and protect. There were several casualties. Over three hundred people were rushed to local emergency rooms.  It was a complete nightmare. StopCartel was there LIVE, filming the rioting police and the brutal attack by the regime.

* This week, in a southern suburb of Athens, outraged neighbors spontaneously came to the aid of an unemployed family of six, when the water supply to their rented house was cut off for over 30 hours during the intense summer heat. The family only had 200 euros toward their 350 euro water bill.

Thanks to the direct action of compassionate neighbors, the word spread quickly via Facebook, twitter and the StopCartel livestream. The water company was flooded with phone calls defending the family. Also, a well known journalist alerted to the family’s plight, visited them and donated 150 euros, the balance of the water bill.

When the family attempted to settle the bill, the water company refused payment, saying they needed something official from the landlord, in order to replace the water meter and to restore the water supply to the house. As it turns out, the landlord of the house requested that the water company remove the meter from the house in the first place. Because she is involved in a court dispute with the family over another matter and in a show of no compassion, she decided to take advantage of the family’s troubles in order to impose this punitive action.

The water company stated that their position was to protect the interests of the homeowner and not the interests of the renters because that is their legal relationship. But this is not true because renters sign contracts with the utility companies, so there is a legal responsibility.

In the end, the water company was pressured by so many callers demanding that the water be turned back on that they relented. The community pushed back and they won. This is what can happen when people work collectively to speak out against injustice.

News from Athens via StopCartel Livestream broadcasting LIVE

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