Jun 292012


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* An official report was released today from the European Commission. It says that 68% of the Greek population is living BELOW the poverty level. There is a humanitarian crisis in Greece.

* There is a huge shortage of prescription drugs in Greece. The pharmacies don’t have money to keep medicine in stock. People in Athens have to wait in queues for 2 hours to get into a pharmacy to buy their drugs – if the drugs are available. Many people with serious medical conditions have to do without their medication because they can’t afford the drugs or the drugs are not in stock.

* In February, when the Greek government passed another round of  ‘austerity’ for the Greek People, they levied a new tax on homeowners and attached it to the electric bills. If people decided not pay the tax – in an act of civil disobedience or because they simply did not have the money –, the electricity would be shut off. In protest, as soon as the electric company left, people turned it back on, illegally. It’s easy to turn the electricity back on if you know what you are doing. But the new trend is that the government goes to houses randomly, with the police, and if you have illegal utilities they arrest you on the spot.

* In the Northern suburbs of Athens, arsonists drove a van full of petrol into the Microsoft building in the middle of the night. The lobby and part of the first floor were destroyed. No one was injured. No suspects yet.

* European summit in Brussels: Plan for Bank Unification for the banks in Greece. The Troika continues to steal the assets of the Greek People.

* UBS reports that today’s Europe looks like Germany in 1939.


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