Nov 102011


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Video with time code subtitles below the fold:

00:15 People are going to understand that you’re human beings, you’re not animals

00:19 And you have a right to shelter

00:20 People are sleeping in the rain. Your fellow officers kept them from bringing rugs and blankets in.

00:32 And they even took away the cardboard we had for sleeping on the ground.

00:36 How can we stay here under these conditions?

00:37 – We’re going remove all this if you don’t do it. You’ve been warned.

– Thank you, Sir.

00:42 – I’m sorry, but it will be removed.

– See you again soon, Inspector.

00:52 Police!

1:00 Resistance!  Resistance! Resistance!

1:11 We’re supposed to get official warning! No official warning!

1:17 An official warning is compulsory!

1:27 We’re taking them down! We’re taking them down!

1:40 Bravo! Bravo!

2:11 Resistance! Join us! Resistance! Join us!

2:09 Justice nowhere! Police everywhere! Justice nowhere! Police everywhere!

2:14 The police! The police! It never stops!

2:22 We can’t! – We can’t.

2:30 Everybody sit down

2:35 The little tarp!

2:42 There’s no more tarps! There’s nothing!

2:55 Thank you very much. It’s taken care of. 2:59

3:00 What are you going to tell your kids?

3:03 Free yourself! Free yourself! Free yourself!

3:32 Are you proud of what you’ve done here?

3:37 Why do you overreact like this?

3:39 Do you really need to knock somebody out just to remove a tarp?

3:43 And over a tent, a guy has broken bones. What a great profession you have!

3:47 You’re supposed to be saving France, but you’re putting people in the hospital? It’s counter-productive.

3:52 They’re gonna fire one out of two of you, and you’ll be replaced by the gendarmerie mobile – they don’t get paid for overtime hours.

3:58 Little by little you’ll be replaced by them. They work 90 hours a week.

4:03 Then after that they’ll have private security companies doing it. Nobody’ll have any rights – not even you.

4:08 Right now you’re more or less “above the law,” but you can be held personally liable if there’s video.

4:21 Free your self! Free yourself! Free yourself!


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