Nov 162011


Although the encampment on the Lindenhof is now gone, its memory and spirit will always remain.  In a globally coordinated action, just as in New York etc, the police moved through and cleared everyone and everything this afternoon.  Thankfully there were no injuries that I’m aware of but there were at least 31 arrests.  Here is the latest dispatch from Zurich:

Hi Matt,

How are you? Hope fine. 🙂

In Zurich arround at 8:30 AM The Police came to the Lindenhof (at the same time as the OWS). 
The arrested 31 people, they were all released today, except 1 Girl, she hit one Officer because he was very violent. 4 others have small violations.
Now we/they can camp on the Ground of St. Jacob Church,_Z%C3%BCrich
they offer us minimum stay until till 5. January 2012, and maybe longer.
At 7 PM we had a GA start on Paradeplatz, because the 31 are not allowed to came to there, we walked to the Church, where we met them, and continued the assembly.
Now, we/they can stay without harassment and use direct more energy at the real “Problems”.
We talked for a long time about the agent-provocateur’s and finding out, if there are any.  They can delay us,but they cant stop us. We will use “social control”.

Dear regards,


Stauffacher – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia :

Stauffacher is a tram junction (lines 2, 3, 8, 9, 14) in Aussersihl, Zurich, next to the St. Jakob church, situated along the Badenerstrasse between the Bäcker and the Stauffacher streets. The tram stop was named after the street, which had been named for Werner Stauffac.



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