May 052012
Hey friends,I’m excited to announce that I have a new website to promote my line of animal portraits – Robert Lucy Animals. I began this new enterprise this past winter and I have been having a great time with it, and now have a beautiful menagerie of creatures to share with you.

Here’s my latest – a Prince Charles Spaniel named Chester. This is an 12″x12″, oil on canvas.

ChessyI also do kitties! This is my first, his name is KITTY. 16″x 12″, oil on canvas; commissioned as a birthday gift.

kitty-hi res

And, this is Nora, done in colored pencil on paper, 10″x8″.

Nora-hi res

I work directly from photographs, and can do virtually any size, with the background of your choosing – and they look great on a large scale, so think big! And, please check out the website which has more recent commissions, and forward liberally to all the animal-lovers in your life!


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