Feb 012013

Posted by Elena Tiniakou, 99GetSmart

The Greek Public Power Corporation is cutting the electricity supply to 30,000 homes and businesses each month due to unpaid bills.

VIDEO @ http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xx4t3d_power-cuts-a-daily-reality-in-greece_news?start=4

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  One Response to “Power Cuts – A Daily Reality in Greece”

  1. Enigma Global by A.Oscar # 003 The Euro currency never going to work in many countries: because oscillate the values from country to country; in the account of what them produce to sale into the same values. Germany was only the country: that wasn’t in high deficit; because having heavier industrial, inclusive weapons. Also the Germans usual are buying many goodies like food from the others at a cheap price. Mr. Helmut Kohl Got smart to negotiate with some ignorant governments: with concessions like cutting heavy industrial, agriculture and also fisheries too, to be able to joined the Euro currency. Portugal was one of them; and the history came to my ears and read too, the Prime Minister of that time assigned of such concessions which were imposed from Mr. Helmut Kohl. I do believe with my point of view: that Germany once more wants’ conquer Europe this time through economical ways, and so far have succeed, but also still his now involved on the same turmoil now. Humans have had got many times low memory: and without of any reflections go ahead and manipulate the others to get themselves be a Master of Europe the way done in two World Wars. The Portuguese Governments also acting like a Clubs by protecting themselves only and not the citizens. But into this point also the other countries too, and also corruptions are well, was done because the value of the Euro gives temptations and opportunities to do so. The Euro must fall for each country to start be on his own at low value currency. Portugal, Greece, Ireland and Spain must let the Euro go; also the borrow cost to high for anyone to survive. Germany acting like the Boss: and that’s have been the problem of trying to control the others, to see if will be the Boss of Europe. Humans have long time dreaming be Wealth and for that by being the Boss, will be the only way to control. Germany must quit having such thoughts; because for thousands of years humans always want to be a total independent and that wise wars among them never stop. Just like the New World Order another stupidity. Human behavior will take all of us to a total vanish of all species on Earth I real know that. 02/02/13 by A.Oscar

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