Dec 152011


By SnakeArbusto

For Immediate Release – From the camp at La Défense

This is an appeal to your sense of responsibility.

The camp we have created in the middle of the financial jungle is not a vacation camp; it is a revolutionary outpost of a more human world. The purpose of the camp is to operate at the margins of the system and to attain self-management. That implies that each person present here will mobilize to ensure the proper operation of the camp and its future. Because we are preparing for a revolution. A struggle against financial imperialism, which is faultlessly organized in order to maintain its control.

It is up to us to organize to combat it – peacefully and smilingly, but always keeping in mind that we are here to fight for a better world. We can drink, smoke, and sing; but above all we must act. There is always something to do, either to ensure the permanence of the camp or to convey our message of hope. Let’s not hesitate to compare our ideas, share our knowledge, ask for help, and, above all, let’s not forget that we are in a movement that is actively fighting for a better world and that each of us have our responsibilities as regards our behavior, our way of expressing ourselves, and how we take action.

I hope that you will take note of this message. Thank you.

Text approved by consensus of the general assembly of participants in the camp at La Défense on Sunday, 11 December, at 11 PM


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