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By Robert Johnson and Linette Lopez

… Regardless of any political position on the Occupy protests, these are some Interesting insights:

Before gas goes into a crowd shield bearers have to be making no progress moving a crowd or crowd must be assaulting the line. Not with sticks and stones but a no bullshit assault. 3 warnings must be given to the crowd in a manner they can hear that force is about to be used. Shield bearers take a knee and CS gas is released in grenade form first to fog out your lines because you have gas masks. You then kick the canisters along in front of your lines. Projectile gas is not used except for longer ranged engagement or trying to steer the crowd ( by steering a crowd I mean firing gas to block a street off ). You also have shotguns with beanbags and various less than lethal rounds for your launchers. These are the rules for a WARZONE!!

How did a cop who is supposed to have training on his weapon system accidentally SHOOT someone in the head with a 40mm gas canister? Simple. He was aiming at him.

I’ll be the first to admit a 40mm round is tricky to aim if you are inexperienced but anyone can tell the difference between aiming at head level and going for range.

The person that pulled that trigger has no business being a cop. He sent that round out with the intention of doing some serious damage to the protestors. I don’t care what the protestors were doing. I never broke my rules of engagement in Iraq or Afghanistan. So I can’t imagine what a protester in the states did to deserve a headshot with a 40mm. He’s damn lucky to be alive and that cop knows he was using lethal force against a protester he is supposed to be protecting. …

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By Phil Rockstroh

Until recent events proved otherwise, the hyper-commercialized surface of the corporate state gave the appearance of being too diffuse–too devoid of a center to pose a threat of totalitarian excess. Accordingly, as of late, due to the violent response to OWS protesters by local police departments in Oakland, Atlanta, Chicago, and in other U.S. cities, the repressive nature of the faux republic is beginning to be revealed.

Behind the bland face of the political establishment (purchased by the bloated profits of the plundering class) are riot cops, outfitted and armed with the accoutrements of oppression, who are ready and willing to enforce the dictates of the elitist beneficiaries of the degraded status quo. In deed and action, as of late, the police state embedded within neo-liberal economic oligarchy is showing its hyper-authoritarian proclivities to the world.

In general, existence within the present societal structure inflicts on the individual a sense of atomization and its concomitant feelings of alienation, vague unease, free floating anxiety and anomie. The coercion is implicit and internalized.

Because of its mundane, ubiquitous nature, the system is reliant on an individual’s sense of isolation (even ignorance of the existence of the structure itself) to remain in place. In short, the exploitive system continues to exist because its denizens are bereft of other models of comparison.

The public commons inherent in the OWS movement provides a model of comparison. …

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By Matt Taibbi

… Perry’s campaign is still struggling to recover from the kind of spectacular, submarine-at-crush-depth collapse seldom seen before in the history of presidential politics. The governor went from presumptive front-runner to stammering talk-show punch line seemingly in the speed of a single tweet, rightly blasted for being too incompetent even to hold his own in televised debates with a half-bright pizza salesman like Herman Cain and a goggle-eyed megachurch Joan of Arc like Michele Bachmann. But such superficial criticisms of his weirdly erratic campaign demeanor don’t even begin to get at the root of why we should all be terrified of Perry and what he represents. After all, you have to go pretty far to stand out as a whore and a sellout when you come from a state that has produced such luminaries in the history of political corruption as LBJ, Karl Rove and George W. Bush. But Rick Perry has managed to set a scary new low in the annals of opportunism, turning Texas into a swamp of political incest and backroom dealing on a scale not often seen this side of the Congo or Sierra Leone.

In an era when there’s exponentially more money in politics than we’ve ever seen before, Perry is the candidate who is exponentially more willing than we’ve ever seen before to whore himself out for that money. On the human level he is a nonpersonality, an almost perfect cipher – a man whose only discernible passion is his extreme willingness to be whatever someone will pay him to be, or vote for him to be. Even scarier, the religious community around which he has chosen to pull his human chameleon act features some of the most extreme end-is-nigh nutcases in America, the last people you want influencing the man with the nuclear football. Perry is a human price tag – Being There meets Left Behind. And sometimes there’s nothing more dangerous than nothing at all.

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By Panayota Gounari, Truthout

Little did the Greek people know when “socialist” prime minister George Papandreou, back in June 2010, in one of his notorious speeches proclaimed the “revolution of the self-evident,”[1] that he was creating a new semantic field both for what is considered “revolutionary” and for “self-evidence.”

Fifteen months later, Greek society and the entire world witness a tour de force in the theater of the political absurd, where the only “self-evidence” is that Greece plays the leading role in an unprecedented financial and political experiment. But there’s a spoiler: the lead role hero dies at the end of the play. In the Greek prime minister’s dictionary, “revolution of the self-evident” means impunity for politicians, former ministers and other high-power public figures who have been involved in economic scandals and public money squandering, ongoing political corruption, increasing militarization of the country, total repression of dissent and criminalization of public space, welfare and protection for the rich, despair and “sacrifice” – as it is euphemistically called – for Greek working people, privatization of public services, the selling off of natural resources, and the “revolutionary” list goes on.

The tool for this new “revolution” is the politics of submission: Greece’s submission to international markets, speculators and money sharks, Greeks’ submission to new austerity measures in the name of progress, media submission to the official government line, the prime minister’s cabinet’s submission to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Central Bank (ECB), people’s minds’ submission to the “self-evident.”

Re-appropriating and distorting the word “revolution,” the government set the stage for the most neoliberal, antisocial and authoritarian policies the country has ever witnessed in its history (and Greece was under a colonels’ dictatorship between 1967 and 1974). There is something to be said when the word “revolution” is used to signify the overthrow of democracy and the abolition of the constitution and of any justice principle.

READ @ http://www.truth-out.org/revolution-self-evident-and-self-evidence-revolution/1319652018



By Marta Steele

… On July 20, 2011, Fitrakis and his fellow prosecutors filed a new brief that decisively proves that the Ohio election was stolen. Included are a diagram of the election production system–the “man-in-the-middle” structure and the deposition of the late Michael Connell, the staunch Republican IT guru for the Bush family and Karl Rove since 2000 and creator of the system.

Enough information was extracted from Connell to shift Rove’s prognostications, which contradicted poll predictions, to a victory for Obama instead of McCain at the eleventh hour before Election Day–Monday evening, November 3, 2008.

Rover had been that sure, until that eleventh hour, that Connell’s elaborate system would effectively hand victory to yet another Republican president.

The shift was as sudden and accomplished as the vote jumps at 11:15 p.m. in Ohio on Election Day in 2004 that subtracted 400,000 from Kerry’s total–poof!

The Ohio attorneys’ filing also includes the contract signed between Blackwell and Connell’s company, GovTech Solutions, and a graphic architectural map of the secretary of state’s election-night server layout system.

In late October, in response to the filing, according to Fitrakis in a recent email, “we are waiting for the court to rule on the state’s motion to dismiss parts of the case and proceed immediately to trial.

“As for Rove–initially we’re just trying to depose him to see what he knows. Ultimately our goal is to discover enough evidence to name him as the architect of the ongoing criminal conspiracy that election theft represents in Ohio and the nation.”

Fitrakis is skeptical that the trial will lead to a settlement, because every state office in Ohio is controlled by Republicans; Rove will do his best to avoid testifying under oath, he said.

“He’s hired high price law firms to get out of taking a deposition just as he did with Conyers in the U.S. Congress [avoiding two subpoenas by the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee]. Rove will use all levers of influence from criminal investigation by his friends in the FBI to any other means to avoid being held accountable for what he did in Ohio in 2004.”

Magisterial IT expert Stephen Spoonamore, who joined the Fitrakis team as key witness in September 2008, studied the system and supplied the suspected conclusions on how exactly the heist was accomplished, translating them into language we all can comprehend, backing up his conclusions with the diagrams supplied in the latest filing.

READ @ http://www.opednews.com/populum/print_friendly.php?p=Ohio-Heroes-On-Path-To-Dep-by-Marta-Steele-111028-585.html&c=a

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