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StopCartel TV broadcasts LIVE from Athens, Greece on weeknights @ 10pm Athens time.

The following post is a loose transcript of the July 5, 2012 broadcast.

By greydogg and snake arbusto, 99GetSmart

– The main issue being discussed in Greece today came from an announcement by the government-of-the-regime declaring that they plan to follow the instructions of the occupiers of Greece and forge ahead with the sell-off of Greek public property for pennies on the euro. The Neoliberal policy of the privatization of ‘non-profitable’ public assets was sealed in the deal when the regime signed the first Memorandum.

This privatization will make Greek citizens poorer and poorer. The Greek puppet politicians first sold themselves to the Troika, then they sold out the Greek people and Greek society. Now they are sacrificing the physical assets of their country to private foreign interests. The 28% who voted for the same brutal regime in the last election can also take credit for this latest, revolting development.

After the announcement, Alexis Tsipras, the leader of the opposition Syriza party, responded by stating that after the crime of signing Memoranda numbers 1 and 2, the government-of-the-regime should NOT go ahead with the sale of the country, especially the profitable public utility companies that are a foundation of a productive Greek economy.

The latest black propaganda from the regime states that privatization will solve the debt problem. In other words, speeding up the process of selling the country itself to private foreign interests will speed up Greece’s economic recovery?! The Greek government-of-the-regime is the very definition of corruption in its extreme form. There are no red lines they won’t cross.


– Two more suicides were reported on Wednesday, in Athens and in Central Greece. Both men took their own lives due to extreme despair over personal economic problems.

On a small street, 100 meters from Syntagma Square, in the center of Athens, a 44 year-old lawyer leapt to his death from the roof of a 4-story building.

This young man is one of thousands of people who have tragically terminated their lives. The official number of suicides in the last two years stands at 2,000, but the actual number is at least five times higher. The less public suicides – the ones that take place privately, in the home, and by other means – are not declared as such due to religious and social taboos that prevent people from declaring the real cause of death. The real number is around 10,000. With a death toll that high, it is as if there were a real war going on in Greece.


– After the election, the brutal Greek regime came back to power in force to impose new taxation.

Greeks are required to submit tax claims to the ‘receiver of revenue.’ As soon as they submit their claims, they find out how much they must pay in taxes. Everyone will pay 5 times more taxes than last year for the same level of income. Those claiming less income than last year must pay 3 to 4 times more in taxes than last year.

Emergency taxation must be stopped. Greek citizens cannot afford the burden of these extra taxes in a context of high unemployment and reductions in wages and pensions and in light of the humanitarian catastrophe currently occurring in Greece.


– Immigrants residing in Greece have been subjected to random racist attacks by groups of neo-Fascists, many of them members of the Golden Dawn Party.

Recent attacks have targeted long-time immigrant residents of Greece. The Golden Dawn racists have threatened the foreign owners of several shops in Nikaia demanding that the owners close their shops and leave Greece within the week.

Brutal beatings of foreign immigrants in the Nikaia neighborhood are allowed to happen because there are NO police patrolling the area, despite the upsurge in violent racist attacks.


– Pimco predicts that several member countries will exit the Euro zone within the next five years, starting with an uncontrolled exit by Greece.


StopCartel TV broadcasts LIVE from Athens, Greece on weeknights at 10pm Athens time @ http://www.livestream.com/stopcarteltvgr

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  1. Have been hard life for Greece; but most countries in Europe, like Spain, Portugal, we having problems only in the Government with corruption, or acting like the Government be a Club, that way they protected themselves financial and lots of subsidizing too. Also having to many in the government, and the ones left, like Prime Ministers or Republic Presidents with a fantastic good life, good pay even having cars. That is the club. In Greece very close to the same. If could fire the Government, like Iceland did, then I believe everything could come to normal

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