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Source: Eagainst.com


Attention! Turkish democracy needs you! 484754_666358540046311_679337380_n

After a series of peaceful demonstrations for preserving a recreational area in Istanbul city center which is planned to demolished for the construction of a shopping mall, Turkish police attacked the protesters violently with tear gas and water cannon, directly targeting their faces and bodies. Dozens of protesters are hospitalized and access to the park is blocked without any legal basis. Turkish media, directly controlled by the government or have business and political ties with it, refuse to cover the incidents. Press agencies also blocked the information flow.

Please share this message for the world to become aware of the police state created by AKP of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, which is often considered to be a model for other Middle Eastern countries. Turkish democracy expects your help. Thank you!

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By ROAR Collective, roarmag.com

Besiktas, June 1. Photo via Daniel Etter

Besiktas, June 1. Photo via Daniel Etter

Police forced to retreat from Istanbul’s Taksim square as protests against the authoritarian neoliberalism of Erdogan’s proto-Islamist government grow. […]

READ / PHOTOS @ http://roarmag.org/2013/06/the-day-the-people-of-turkey-rose-up-in-pictures/


* TURKEY: POLİS ŞİDDETİNİN BELGESİDİR (Certification of police violence)

Source: youtube

VIDEO @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxSFbYi7c1Q&feature=youtu.be


* TURKEY: ANKARA KIZILAY TOMA Direnişciyi haince çarparken Ankara (A police truck/tank runs over a crouched protester hiding from a  water cannon blast.)

Source: youtube

VIDEO @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=HmSwJEuFjxk


* HALK POLIS KALKANLARINA EL KOYDU (Protesters confiscate police shields)

Source: youtube

VIDEO @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPQP3fQWTuQ



Source: Spanish Revolution


Dear people,

A lot of things were going on yesterday. In Frankfurt, Blockupiers were coralled all day by a ridiculous amount of police without food and water, then charged for protesting. In London, thousands showed up for an antifascist demonstration. In 200+ cities in Spain and abroad people participated in the same old demonstrations against the troika. And in New York, over a thousand people descended on Zuccotti for a bit of Occupy Nostalgia.

That’s not even all of it. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that really counted, yesterday, was Turkey. Once again, all throughout the day and the night we have been trying to piece together what was going on. It was useless. A continuous torrent of rumours, pictures, exhortations, etc. And not enough streams. All I can do from here is try to give you the general outline.

The morning march across the Bosphorus was met with police brutality and tear gas. This went on for most of the day, around Istanbul, in particular in Besiktas, and elsewhere, in Izmir and Ankara. Taksim square was flooded by the people.

Reported internet jamming and power blackouts made it difficult to communicate what was happening. I can only guess how many people were wounded, but I won’t do so. In Ankara an armoured police vehicle charged the crowd at full speed. At least one man was allegedly kill when he was run over by a water cannon truck.

All day long, the people occupied Taksim. In the evening and the night, clashes continued around the country. From the side of the police it was all out chemical warfare on the population. The streets were littered with tear gas cannisters. The cities were shrouded in toxic vapours. Shortly, authorities must run out of stock. They have already been using tear gas that expired seven years ago, which makes it much more dangerous. Some of the gasses they used were orange. It caused hysteria in the social media, as the government was accused of using Monsanto’s infamous ‘Agent Orange’ to quell the protests.

During the night, once again there was city pan bashing in Istanbul. Heavy clashes were reported in Ankara and Izmir. Not for a moment have the people abandoned their streets to the police. When the morning broke, police was gone, but the people were still there. And as if to show their moral superiority, they began to clean the rubble from the streets themselves. The drizzle did the rest.

It was victory. Now for the cleanup of government. Prime minister Erdogan has ordered people to stop protesting at once. And the people have ordered him to resign. He is not their master, he is their servant. And he will be held accountable, and responsable, for all the suffering that authorities have caused in the past few days. The Turkish people are fed up of being tear gassed every time they express their dissent. Police brutality must end. […]

READ / PHOTOS @ http://spanishrevolution11.wordpress.com/2013/06/02/chemical-warfare/



Source: youtube

People in Istanbul prepare to fight with the police:

Taksim’i almak için daha çok fırın ekmek yemeniz lazım, Beşiktaş asla yılmadı, asla yılmayacak!

Taksim’i ASLA bırakmayalım arkadaşlar, istedikleri bu sonuçta; diğer noktalardan ise dimdik ayakta duran Beşiktaş’ımıza sürekli destek olalım, biz birlik oldukça asla istediklerini elde edemeyecekler!

VIDEO @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKv601khylM&feature=youtu.be

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  1. […] Solidarity with the People of Turkey! (99getsmart.com) […]

  2. Where is the “Free Turkish Army”??
    We need a regime change in Ankara!
    Erdogan has to go!

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