Nov 162011


We, the members of the Sustainability Working Group at Occupy Wallstreet, stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters of this movement.

We are outraged by the actions of the NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg, at the violent assault on the peaceful protesters of the Zucotti park encampment.

It is not through oppression, but through innovation that will enable us to create positive change in this world.

The Sustainability Working Group has served as a poignant and innovative enclave in this movement, seeking to act with ethics and morality as our guide. Last night, in destroying the encampment, the NYPD destroyed all of our hard work including the recently deployed pedal power bike systems that powered the entire camp. This is a system of power created for the people, by the people, delivered directly to the people. The strong arm of the NYPD has sought to marginalize our innovative efforts with their careless actions. What they have not anticipated is the perseverance of this movement, and the people who believe with their whole beings in a better future for all.

We, the members of the Sustainability Working Group, demand that the NYPD return all property possessions of this working group and its contributors immediately. This list includes, but is not limited to the following items: bikes, bike stands, batteries, inverters, tools, rainwater collection roof, permaculture tools, LED lightbulbs, fabrics, materials and personal possessions.

We stand together in defiance at the unlawful actions inflicted upon the occupation by the NYPD and Mayor Bloomberg.

We will rebuild. We will power this movement, now and in the future.

Our work continues, in this space, and beyond.

We salute our brothers and sisters who were detained during this egregious event, and we vow to continue our efforts towards developing alternative solutions which will tackle the many complicated municipal, social and global environmental issues we are facing.

It will be through education, collaboration, demonstration, active practice and outreach, that we will create a truly sustainable society — at Zuccotti Park, in the greater community and across the planet.
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