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OCCUPELLO! is an Independent Livestream channel covering Occupy Wall Street events and actions focused in the New York City area.


Elizabeth and Lorenzo

Elizabeth Arce and Lorenzo Serna have worked long, hard hours under arduous conditions to bring us the truth of the movement -raw and unedited.  They do so with passion, grace, skill and humor. Since the inception of the movement, they have exhibited a commitment to their viewers not only by providing quality coverage of events and actions, but by frequently giving viewers additional time and energy with post-event q & a sessions, participating in chats as equal partners in the movement, and actively soliciting requests for streams viewers wish to see and then fulfilling them as much as possible.  They are dedicated journalists documenting history and offering it to us as much as possible as it unfolds.

It is time for the viewers to directly participate in this endeavor.  Elizabeth and Lorenzo assume a burden of personal responsibility and accountability for providing us with a quality livestreaming experience.  This is not an inexpensive exercise; however, both Elizabeth and Lorenzo have proven themselves thrifty, adaptable and savvy.

Intermediate/Ongoing Fundraising goal of $3000 additional over the next 70 days. Please donate here

This funding will provide continuing funds for data plans, transportation, food, workspace, foul weather gear and equipment protection and a slow expansion of the type and quality of streaming equipment used (microphones, tripods, etc).


In the near future a kickstarter project will be launched.  This project will reference an annual budget, with the intent of sustaining the project for a period of one year.  The budget is being developed and the target goal will fall somewhere between $13-15,000.  The funding received from this project will provide for but is not limited to workspace, data plans, transportation, equipment expansion and upgrades .

If you prefer to donate by check please make check payable to Deep Dish TV, write “Occupello” in the memo line and mail to:

Deep Dish TV

339 Lafayette St.


New York, NY 10012

Thank you for your support and participation!

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