Oct 042014

By Anthony Verias, 99GetSmart


I am guilty–that Apple customer is me. As many of you already know; I collected donations after my last iPod was stolen. I chose the iPod because of the return on media for dollar spent–simply it was the best suited product for the job. After having it for 19 months the camera went completely black and I was left with just the front-facing camera. Since I am not a big fan of selfies this was a BIG problem. I had to rent a camera when I went to #CGI2014. I then went to the Apple store in Grand Central Terminal; their solution was to offer me a discount on buying a new one. A SLAP in the face! Well all know by now that Apple products become obsolete with each update and in fact this is part of their business model. While mainstream media might scoff at the idea; we all know the demise of Apple is not far behind #BendGate. After visiting Apple store in GCT; I went to SOHO store. I could barely enter because it was so packed with people seeking repairs. Next stop was calling APL-CARE; where with my loud Brooklyn mouth I was expedited to a “Senior Advisor”. I was having a hard time until I dropped “I’m a journalist.” “Please hold sir” said Senior Advisor Emily Reger. When she returned to the line I was told I was being given a free repair. I’ll let you assume the reason behind that. I went to the Apple store today and made this video about #BendGate and lack of customer service on the part of Apple. I was inspired by these “idiots” as the MSM refers to them. I prefer another moniker. Great job guys! While I might not agree with your tactics; I appreciate your muckraking spirit!@RT_com released a #BendGate story today stating “controlling the press” was a key strategy for Apple