Mar 202014

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Written by Turkish political analyst / blogger, Gürkan Özturan:


The recent corruption allegations have been gathered and made into a mass statement consisting of 300 pages revealing all kinds of corruption of the government, from illegal arms transfers and billions of euros worth of bribes to trafficking in women. The opposition parties wanted these allegations to be brought to the parliament floor to be discussed officially before the elections, but the ruling AKP party refused this request. Later on, opposition members of the parliament demanded an urgent meeting to discuss corruption allegations, which AKP members had to participate in but rejected open discussion – which means an actual broadcast ban!

Melda Onur, an opposition deputy from the main opposition party, CHP, circumvented this ban through her social media account. She started a livestream of the banned discussion. Obviously, in this day and age, there cannot be a functioning ban of any sort when it comes to freedom of information and the right to acquire knowledge. When one of her Twitter followers asked what would happen if she gets subjected to a parliamentary investigation regarding her circumvention of the broadcast ban, she simply responded “I bite such an investigation :)”

Unfortunately, with the dominant presence of AKP members in the parliament, the entire united opposition cannot pass any motion or even keep discussions from being postponed to a later date or time.

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Jan 052013

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A Call For Help

I have been documenting protests in Greece for over 2 years now. If there was a protest in the last 2 years chances are I was there; video in hand and have amassed an impressive Youtube collection. It was apparent to me from the beginning though that my equipment (iPod and CyberShot) was completely inadequate and totally obsolete in dark environments and from a distance. I can only get as close to the action as possible and without proper equipment running to the frontlines to film is all for naught if it produces blurry barely recognizable videos. Imagine this video if filmed with this camera. I have been very hesitant these past few years to ask for any monetary assistance; but it has become abundantly clear to me that in the area of equipment; it is as if I am going into a gunfight with a slingshot. After recently being robbed of my iPod, it is now a necessity that I upgrade my equipment. The work that goes into a 3 minute video is far more than you would expect and I do it all because I enjoy it and don’t expect anything in return. Though if you are one of my followers who has appreciated my work over the years please consider assisting me in taking my journalistic efforts to the next level and making a small donation with Paypal. Email = Or you may use

– Anthony Verias