Oct 262015

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Be a part of The Secret City’s new season and spread the joy of this beloved artistic tent revival.

IT’S OUR MOST EXCITING SEASON YET! Hard to believe we’re launching our 9th season. Incredible. It’s been an amazing year: we dedicated ourselves to building infrastructure: hiring 2 staff members, increasing our annual budget by $20,000 and paying more of our artists. And the impact has been HUGE! Not only is the organization running a lot more smoothly but our events are more powerful and more packed than ever. (Funny how that works…)

This coming season, we’ve got even more fantastic stuff coming up: we’re going to begin making podcasts of our live events so that folks all over the world can get in on the fun. (Right?) We’re holding our first evening service for the winter solstice in NYC. And, fingers crossed, we’ll be having our first gathering of The Secret City Brooklyn! On top of all that, we’ll be presenting more performance, visual art, food, live music, games, community interaction, storytelling and all of the other juicy stuff that folks have come to expect from our events.

WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO? This campaign accounts for $20% of our annual budget. But how does that break down, exactly? We’ll tell you.

  • $25 — pays for gas and partial tolls for Chris and Bobby to drive into NY city for each monthly service–one way!
  • $50 –covers childcare for one service.
  • $100 — pays for a stage manager for one service.
  • $150 — pays for two featured performers or one session of rehearsal space.
  • $200 — covers the costs of one coffee hour.
  • $500 — covers our rent for one service at Dixon Place or at the Byrdcliffe Theater in Woodstock.
  • $1000 — covers musicians and artists for one month. Or, pays for airfare and rental cal for Chris and Bobby to get to LA.
  • $2500 — covers half the cost of one service.

THE IMPACT. The Secret City continues to grow in the most amazing ways. Thousands of people have taken part in our events in NYC, LA and Woodstock. We’ve done so much with the participation of our amazing donors and friends. With your continued support, we’ll continue to present the most exciting mix of artists and performers and to make the events that only The Secret City can make, providing community interaction, artistic engagement and our own special brand of spiritual haven to artists and art lovers.

WHAT ARE THE RISKS TO THIS CAMPAIGN SUCCEEDING? You may be thinking, “Hey, The Secret City is  a non-profit corporation now with a growing annual budget, why do they still need me?” The truth is, yes, we’ve been growing steadily since we started, but we still depend on this annual crowd-fund. Our organization was born at the dawn of social media and the foundation of our donor base comes via crowdfunding. So, please know how crucial it is for us to make this goal.

THE BIG FINISH! Ok, all you art lovers, you know how this part goes: please give as generously as you can and then share this campaign with your friends, family, co-workers and community at large. And, you can share our fantastic pitch video anywhere you like–cuz it’s funny and short and cute.

THANKS! We’re gonna go BIG this season and we’re are so excited to have you continue the amazing, joyful, colorful ride with us. THANK YOU for being such a vital part of our program, our growth, our exciting new season: thank you for being OUR COMMUNITY.

With love.

Chris Wells
Founding Artistic Director

Please donate here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/art-community-joy-give-to-the-secret-city#/story

Feb 172012
Hey friends,

Exciting news – the online auction I curated for The Secret City’s Carnival of Love is closing TONIGHT at 10pm. Also, my work and an interview with me is featured in 22 magazine. See below for details.

As many of you know, I’m on the board of The Secret City, an organization very dear to my heart. Our annual benefit was on Valentine’s night, and we held a Carnival of Love, which was a blast.(Here’s a slideshow of some slightly naughty pics from Time OutNY).

For the past month, I’ve been curating the
portion of our benefit and
the auction is closing tonight at 10pm
I hope you’ll all go to the site and support this amazing organization and its mission of supporting the arts and artists.

carnival front


One of the items you could win in the auction is a portrait of your pet, painted by ME! Here’s the latest example of my pet portraits: Satchi, a soulful shepherd mix.

In other news, I’m thrilled to be included in this month’s edition of
22 Magazine a really great online arts magazine. It features lots of images of my work and a lengthy interview.
22 magazine
Thanks for following my news, and I do hope you’ll check out theauction – it’s a great way to support the arts and get a great deal on some really cool stuff.

Robert Lucy