Jul 252013

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“Propaganda” exposes a multitude of important topics such as false-flags, religion, and media indoctrination. Narrated from the perspective of a North Korean national it is fascinating to see this in-depth analysis of Western culture from one of America’s most fabled ‘enemies’.

This film illustrates how we came to be the apathetic, sleepy slaves that we are; captives in our own countries.

Armed with this knowledge, however, we can render the enemy powerless over us. It just takes a conscious decision to override the unconscious reflexive behavior and derail their agenda.

Much of the world has figured it out, but North America seems to be lagging. While Iceland ousts the government and banksters entirely, we allow status quo. While Hungary ploughs under and burns Monsanto GMO crops, California overturns the GMO labelling initiative Prop 37.

If we turn off the propaganda and think for ourselves, view our world from a clearer perspective and take inspired action, we can take back our power. When you look at the statistics, it’s stunning: 99%… 1%.

I think one thing is painfully clear. The longer we wait, the more difficult it will be. NOW is the time.

VIDEO @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGxbOVscHPs

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This film is about the techniques of Edward Bernays, the father of propaganda and marketing.

May 252013

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The focus of the piece is on a small village just east of St. Louis known as Sauget. Years ago this tiny area was incorporated as Monsanto.

For those who remain unaware Monsanto Company was one of the leading chemical producers of the twentieth century and has been responsible for producing chemicals like DDT, an insecticide known to be carcinogenic. Agent Orange, a dioxin riddled chemical used as a defoliant in the Vietnam war. Still to this day in Vietnam we can see horrible genetic mutations, horrid skin conditions, and cancers attributed to the effects of Agent Orange. Also, Bovine Growth Hormones, which Monsanto continuously tries to keep under wraps, due to the fact it makes cows sick, thus their bacteria and the antibiotics they are pumped full of go right back into American milk. As a result BGH has been banned in Europe and Canada.

Today Monsanto is an agricultural biotechnology company that is known for their genetically altering and patenting of various seed varieties, which are injected with a protein in order make the plants resistant to Roundup Weed Killer, one of Monsanto’s best selling products.

Solutia is currently Monsanto’s chemical division, a subsidiary made years ago when the Monsanto name became tainted. Monsanto and Solutia have received an array of negative publicity, and we must question why. We also must question what good has Monsanto Company done for this world?

There are two toxic dumping sites in Sauget known as superfund sites, in which Monsanto and Solutia have been found directly attributed to.

While filming Solutia company my crew and I nearly got arrested while on public property, and were coerced into surrendering our ID’s only to be placed on a FBI domestic terrorist watch list.

It’s important to question what exactly Monsanto and Solutia are afraid of. This film is only a brief introduction into the atrocities occurring at the hands of Monsanto in the areas surrounding St. Louis, and the world.

VIDEO @ http://vimeo.com/6203466

Mar 032013

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Jesse Sharkey, Vice President of the Chicago Teachers Union joins the protest against austerity cuts to education In Athens and gives a speech at the demonstration.


Jan 252012



Source: youtube.com/enenews.com

TEPCO conducted an endoscopy of the Containment Vessel of Reactor 2 to see the inside. In a recent press conference, TEPCO’s spokesman, Matsumoto, said that the white specs in the video are from gamma rays and the white streaks across the screen are water droplets.

The endoscope is made by Olympus. Drilling the hole on the Containment Vessel was done on January 17, requiring 40 workers in 10 teams. The endoscopy operation on January 19 took 34 workers, one hour, working right next to the Containment Vessel.

For more about this operation:


For more Fukushima I Nuke Plant accident and radiation contamination in Japan:

www.exskf.com (English)
www.exskf-jp.com (Japanese)

READ @ http://enenews.com/sitting-down-actual-gamma-rays-fukushima-footage-appearing-focus-streaks-flashes-video