Oct 062015

Translated by Michael Nevradakis, 99GetSmart


In the photo above, seven members of the “I Don’t Pay Movement” are pictured holding their case files. All seven members have had charges filed against them, either by the multinational corporations which operate Greece’s highway system, or by their state-employed collaborators, such as “anonymous” traffic police officers and other officials. Many of these cases were filed under the watch of the SYRIZA-Independent Greeks coalition government. Two of these cases will be held this month. One case, involving our member Makis Damoulianos, will be heard on October 9 in the city of Larissa. The other case, involving Vasilis Papadopoulos, will be heard on October 30 in Patra. Both men are facing the identical charge of destroying a tollgate. Another case will be heard in December, in which our member, Dimitris Peinoudis, is facing charges simply because he “dared” to stand up to a state official, in the case where charges were filed by the anonymous traffic cop.


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