Jul 222014

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A brief history of the land called Israel / Palestine / Canaan / the Levant.

Written / Produced / Directed / Animated by Nina Paley


VIDEO @ blog.ninapaley.com/2012/10/01/this-land-is-mine/

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  2 Responses to “This Land is Mine”

  1. you put the flag of Hizbulla,(a Shiait terror organization, proxy of Iran in Lebanon) on the characters of PLO.
    see link to the correct flag

    Where red is for the blood of their swords and black is for wars and white for their deeds.

    Hamas are not freedom fighters. They are Jihadists that want to conquer the world under the flag of the Islamic Brotherhood. Israel, Syria and Jordan are the Islamic brotherhood current targets where Israel is first as it is considered “Dar el Kharb” (the house of war, as it is an Infidel conquered Muslim piece of land)

    • by the way in the legend of the characters you forgot about Mithridates and put Seleucid instead

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