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The War Party never takes a holiday

By Justin Raimondo, AntiWar


While Americans were barbecuing over the Labor Day weekend, the Usual Suspects were busy cooking up new wars, from Iraq to Ukraine. While this is nothing new – after all, evil never sleeps – one thing I did notice: the stunning lack of imagination on their part. It was, in effect, the equivalent of a bunch of summer reruns: tired formulaic retreads that weren’t all that convincing in the first place.

imagesTake the latest war propaganda centered on the alleged “threat” to our precious bodily fluids supposedly posed by ISIS, the War Party’s latest bogeyman. As polls showed a stubborn reluctance on the part of the American people to re-invade Iraq, the neocons came up with a not-so-new one: they claim a laptop computer ostensibly captured from ISIS by the “good” jihadists – the so-called Free Syrian Army, which is armed and trained by the US – contains plans for constructing “weapons of mass destruction,” i.e. biological weapons. They’re even calling it the “laptop of death” – a phrase that ought to ring a bell for those who follow these sorts of things.

That’s the same phrase used to describe yet another purloined laptop, this one supplied by the Mujahedin-e-Khalq, an Iranian terrorist group that, for years, has been feeding the War Party bogus “intelligence” about Tehran’s nonexistent nuclear weapons program. That tall tale was debunked in 2011 – yet another case of MEK cobbling together old outdated data, adding a dash of forgery, and shaking well enough to fool the credulous. […]




By Jason Hirthler, CounterPunch


You have to hand it to them. The United States media machine is unequaled at producing and disseminating misinformation. It begins in the bowels of the State Department or White House or Pentagon and is filtered out through the government’s front organizations, otherwise known as Mainstream Media (MSM).

In 2014 the U.S. has succeeded in demonizing Vladimir Putin and Russia, precipitating a New Cold War that may yet become a hot one. The evil empire is back. The White House has made proficient use of mass media propaganda to get the job done. First, they’ve controlled the narrative. This is critical for two reasons: one, because it permits the White House to sweep the February coup in Kiev into the dustbin of American memory, never to be seen again. Second, it has allowed it to swiftly assert its claim that Russia is a dangerously expansionist power on the edges of a serene and peace-loving Europe. In other words, the omission of one fact and commission of another.

On the former front, by the State Department’s own concession, it spent some $5 billion in Ukraine, fomenting dissent under the standard guise of democracy promotion. The myriad NGOs beneath the nefarious cloud of the National Endowment for Democracy are little more than Trojan horses through which the State Department can launch subversive activities on foreign turf. We don’t know all the surely insidious details of the putsch, but there are suggestions that the violence was staged by and on behalf of the groups that now sit in power, including bickering neofascists that were foolishly handed the nation’s security portfolio. […]




Source: MOXNews




Source: Scriptonite


A summary report by the US Pentagon has revealed the overwhelming and wholly disproportionate use of force applied by Israel against predominantly civilian populations and infrastructure in Gaza during the six weeks of Operation Protective Edge.

Fewer places was this more apparent than Shejaia, a town of some 150,000 people on the eastern edge of Gaza City.

Embarrassed by unexpectedly organized and effective Hamas fighters on the ground, Israel opted instead to obliterate whole neighbourhoods in retaliation, and to avoid taking the soldiers on in ground combat.

Israel sent in an avalanche of tanks, F-16s and Apache helicopters volleying high explosive shells and missiles into homes, schools, streets, farms and fleeing townspeople.

As AlJazeera reports of the Israeli massacre in Shejaia, on the eastern edge of Gaza City:

According to this senior U.S. officer, who had access to the July 21 Pentagon summary of the previous 24 hours of Israeli operations, the internal report showed that 11 Israeli artillery battalions — a minimum of 258 artillery pieces, according to the officer’s estimate — pumped at least 7,000 high explosive shells into the Gaza neighborhood, which included a barrage of some 4,800 shells during a seven-hour period at the height of the operation. Senior U.S. officers were stunned by the report.

This equates to one shell every 6 seconds, for seven hours – at the height of the massacre. […]

This is what it looked like on the ground:

This is all that remains of Shejaia:




Source: youtube

Footage released on YouTube clearly shows Israeli soldiers firing live rounds at Palestinian children playing on a roof in Al Khalil, an area of Hebron in Occupied Palestine.  An important piece of evidence attesting to the brutality of Israeli occupation.

Four soldiers lay on their chests on a rooftop.  In the same shot, we see what appear to be two Palestinian children playing on a rooftop.  One of the soldiers takes aim and shoots one of the Palestinians on the roof, clearly hitting him in the thigh.

The soldiers then celebrate.  One imitates the flailing actions of the wounded Palestinian, while others shake the hand of the ‘successful’ sniper.


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  1. I think there’s enough blame to go around. Never before has the U.S. taken a position of pre emptive wars until Bush took office. All of this stems from the quest to get the very last drop of oil out of the middle east. You will note that there are 11 oil companies in northern Iraq vying for oil contracts with the Kurds in that area (Eril). And such deceptions occurred when our intelligence believed Chilabi in the lead up to the Iraq war. So in looking at Obama he’s merely a puppet of his corporate oil masters as was Bush. As to the fear factor I guess they were running out of bogymen as the Al Qaeda threat seemed to wane. And what better endorsement than a group that Al Qaeda thought was nuts.

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