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By Brett Redmyne-Titley, OpEdNews

[…] Pres. Barack Obama is traitor. This underhanded legislation / treaty secretly sells- out the American people’s legal rights in favor of his corporate puppet masters. The concept, inception, and mechanism of the TPP treaty comes, solely, from the Obama administration. In doing so, our one time constitutional scholar president attempts to create a new, world-wide, corporate dynasty. TPP gives up legal sovereignty and jurisdiction of the United States, and its laws, to a foreign power. This is the very definition of treason.

If Americans don’t stop TPP corporations will, literally, be able to circumvent the existing laws of the EPA, FDA, unions, collective bargaining agreements, patent protections and access, banking regulations and many other American regulations and rights. All will be negated solely by the arbitrary diktats of corporations being currently, and secretly, included in the language of the TPP treaty. Should state, local, or federal governmental agencies attempt to enforce American laws in favor of their citizens a separate corporate court will have supreme jurisdiction over that American governmental agency. This “Tribunal” has the power to override existing American regulation. Federal agencies, State Gov’ts, City authority, citizen’s property, and competing American corporate interests will be considered as the Defendant before the court. These defendants will have been charged, by the plaintiff corporation, with the new crime of a “Technical Barrier to Trade.”

Should the defendant chose not to comply with the Tribunal’s diktat, or refuse to pay Tribunal ordered financial compensation, the judgment will be enforced by our federal gov’t against American interests.

Making matters even worse American based corporations will not have access to the authoritarian controls and manipulations of the TPP treaty. These luxuries are only available to the big multi-national corporations. Smaller American corporations will be subservient to the whims of TPP. […]

[…] So, your state decides to place a health tax on cigarettes of one dollar a pack, as compensation for increased healthcare costs of smokers to the state. (California’s Prop 29 attempted to do this in the last primary election.) The voters approve it. Seems pretty fair so far. Au contraire.

R.J. Reynolds doesn’t like this portion of democracy, considering it bad for business and profits. Healthcare and designed addiction be damned, big corporations, at least the ones with real power, don’t worry about the trifles of mere democracy. They just turn to the “Investor/State Dispute Resolution Tribunal.” Not to a state court, not the federal court, nor the Supreme Court of the United States. A Corporation run court. For this TPP has adopted the more ominous description of, “Tribunal.”

This corporate sponsored, congressional, science fiction continues with the makeup of the Tribunal and its members. Composed of just three corporate lawyers (remember what Shakespeare said?) the three will be divided into; one with experience with the defendant’s issues, one for the plaintiff corporation, and a third who is, somehow, neutral. The Tribunal will meet in closed session away from cameras and reporters when adjudicating disputes between sovereign American federal, state, and local laws and the wishes of the corporations whose countries’ governments have, maliciously, ratified the TPP treaty.

With the likelihood of your state prevailing being nil, the tribunal rules against the cigarette tax. The tax is ordered to be repealed and, as punishment to the state for the crime of state-sponsored health interests, is next assessed a corporate monetary penalty due to the tax being a, “technical barrier to trade”. This term is the mantra of TPP and translates directly into, “your (healthcare) law is restricting our profits.”

The tribunal then issues an order for compensation of, hypothetically, one hundred million dollars due to the loss of profits to R.J. Reynolds tobacco sales. Your state’s attorney general says, “over my dead body”, and heads for the Appeals court, perhaps the Supreme Court. Au contraire.

Here lies the treason of the TPP. It grants, once congress ratifies it, the complete nullification of the jurisdiction of all US courts regarding matters before the tribunal. So your state loses. Automatically.

Well, now your state treasurer says, “we’ll never pay.” That won’t work either. Thanks to TPP, and a majority of treasonous Congressman, the federal government, which has authority over the states, must enforce the monetary judgment. Your states treasurer wakes up one morning to a call from the bank. It’s something about a $100 million withdrawal. Uncle Sam just stole your states $100 million and gave it to R.J. Reynolds. And there wasn’t a damn thing your state could do to stop it. […]

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By Rick Rozoff, StopNATO

On Tuesday, June 26 Belgium time the North Atlantic Council, the highest governing body of the U.S.-dominated North Atlantic Treaty Organization military bloc, will take up the issue of Syria under provisions of its founding document that in the past ten and a half years have resulted in military deployments preparatory to and the subsequent waging of full-scale wars.

The ambassadors of the alliance’s 28 member states constitute the council, nations whose collective population is 900 million. Its founding members include three nuclear powers – the U.S., Britain and France – the first the self-proclaimed world’s sole military superpower. […]

[…] Syria’s population now is much the same as Iraq’s was then and Turkey is now a nation almost three times as large. Syria is isolated and its military forces are small compared to its neighbor Turkey’s. The latter can count on the support of 27 allies, including most of the world’s major military powers. The U.S. has an estimated 90 B61 tactical nuclear weapons stationed at the Incirlik Air Base 35 miles from Turkey’s Mediterranean coast.

Activating the Article 5 mutual military assistance – in effect war – clause has been mentioned by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at least twice since April, on the first occasion over two months before the downing of the Turkish warplane last week.

On June 25 Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc announced that his nation “has made necessary applications with NATO regarding Article 4 and Article 5.” […]

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Source: Washington’s Blog

The world is already in Cold War 2.0 in Syria.  Now we are edging closer to a hot war.

Self-defense has been a recognized legal right for thousands of years.

But when empires wish to go to war against a country, self-defense is seen as a criminal causus belli.  For example, Turkey admits that its fighter jet was in Syrian territory when it was shot down.

Indeed, the Turkish fighter jet was flying very low and very close to the Syrian shoreline:

“The plane disappeared and then reappeared in Syrian airspace, flying at 100 meters altitude and about 1-2kms (0.6-1.2 miles) from the Syrian coast,” Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Jihad Makdissi told a Damascus news conference.

“We had to react immediately, even if the plane was Syrian we would have shot it down,” he said. “The Syrian response was an act of defense of our sovereignty carried out by anti-aircraft machinegun which has a maximum range of 2.5 km.”

And yet Turkey is calling Syria the aggressor:

In a letter to the U.N. Security Council, Turkey condemned the “hostile act by the Syrian authorities against Turkey’s national security”, saying it posed “a serious threat to peace and security in the region”. […]

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By Allison Kikenny, The Nation

Police arrested eighty-nine protesters after more than 6,500 people flooded Tel Aviv’s Habima Square Saturday night to protest the arrest of Daphni Leef, the leader of last summer’s mass protests against inequality and the high cost of housing in Israel.

Tel Aviv District Commander Aharon Eksel told Haaretz, “Protesters crossed the line. They set out to clash with the police.”

Police also say the protest was illegal, and that protesters attacked inspectors and police by spitting and throwing objects.

In rhetoric that should sound familiar to any American protester, demonstrator Khen Tsubery told the Jerusalem Post that the lack of a permit was intentional because permits are difficult to obtain. […]

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By Michael Carmichael, Information Clearing House

Senior Israeli officials now confirm that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has, “decided to attack Iran before the U.S. elections in November.”

Netanyahu’s agenda is much broader than knocking out Iranian nuclear installations for his aim is to reshape the political landscape in the USA and Israel shifting everything to the far, far right in order to create a new comfort zone for religious fundamentalists.

Netanyahu’s major backer, Sheldon Adelson, is now firmly behind Mitt Romney, and they are known to believe that an Israeli attack on Iran in September or October will displace Obama and many dovish Democrats in Congress and establish a hawkish regime in Washington.

Israel has agreed to restrain any attack on Iran until after the current round of five talks between Iran and the P5+1 that will come to an end in either late July or August:

“U.S., Israel continue preparations for strike on Iran nuclear facilities.

The website cites U.S. defense contracts and Israel’s new military preparations, suggesting that ‘all sides are getting ready for whatever may come.’

Israel and the U.S. are pushing forward with preparations to jointly strike Iran’s nuclear facilities, the U.S. blog Business Insider reported on Saturday.

“U.S. defense contracts, an Iranian F-16 acquisition, and Israel’s new military preparations suggest that all sides are getting ready for whatever may come,” the report says. […]

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A new feature in the latest version of the National Defense Authorization Act would legalize U.S. government propaganda directed at the American people, with the belief that successful wars require domestic acceptance

By Lawrence Davidson

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is misnamed, since it has less to do with defense than offense. The offensive it wages is not just against a growing list of alleged enemies of the United States but also, from a constitutional perspective, against the rights of American citizens and residents.

Major parts of the legislation are based on the assumption that key legal protections for individuals are incompatible with the requirements of national security. The result is that Americans are now caught between “the terrorists” and the authoritarian propensities of their own government.

The NDAA – specifically Section 1021(b)(2) – has already institutionalized the U.S. military’s ability to indefinitely detain, without charge or trial, citizens and non-citizens alike. This is a serious abuse of power. The monarchical authority our Founders sought to escape practiced such a “disappearance” of people. So have the contemporary dictatorships that Washington has so consistently supported. […]

READ @ http://consortiumnews.com/2012/06/11/defense-bill-legalizes-us-propaganda/



By Kimberly Kindy / Scott Higham, Washington Post

[…] On Jan. 23, Boehner (R-Ohio) met Paulson for breakfast. Boehner would later report the rearrangement of a portion of his own financial portfolio made on that same day. He sold between $50,000 and $100,000 from a more aggressive mutual fund and moved money into a safer investment.

The next day, the White House unveiled the stimulus package.

Boehner is one of 34 members of Congress who took steps to recast their financial portfolios during the financial crisis after phone calls or meetings with Paulson; his successor, Timothy F. Geithner; or Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke, according to a Washington Post examination of appointment calendars and congressional disclosure forms.

The lawmakers, many of whom held leadership positions and committee chairmanships in the House and Senate, changed portions of their portfolios a total of 166 times within two business days of speaking or meeting with the administration officials. The party affiliation of the lawmakers was about evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans, 19 to 15. […]

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By Richard D. Wolff, Truthout

[…] Capitalism thus entails and reproduces a highly undemocratic organization of production inside enterprises. Tina believers insist that no alternatives to such capitalist organizations of production exist or could work nearly so well, in terms of outputs, efficiency, and labor processes. The falsity of that claim is easily shown. Indeed, I was shown it a few weeks ago and would like to sketch it for you here.

In May 2012, I had occasion to visit the city of Arrasate-Mondragon, in the Basque region of Spain. It is the headquarters of the Mondragon Corporation (MC), a stunningly successful alternative to the capitalist organization of production.

MC is composed of many co-operative enterprises grouped into four areas: industry, finance, retail and knowledge. In each enterprise, the co-op members (averaging 80-85% of all workers per enterprise) collectively own and direct the enterprise. Through an annual general assembly the workers choose and employ a managing director and retain the power to make all the basic decisions of the enterprise (what, how and where to produce and what to do with the profits). […]

READ @ http://truth-out.org/opinion/item/9968-there-is-an-alternative-to-capitalism-spanish-city-mondragon-shows-the-way

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