May 042014

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[Exclusive footage] Rebirth of Fascism. U.S. warmongers along with EU/NATO politicians have installed (through violent, artificial revolution) a pro-fascist government in Ukraine and are now trying to start a civil war within the country.

Over 900,000 Ukrainians have already left the country within 2 months of EuroMaidan and fled to Russia. 2,500 fled to Belarus. This is just the beginning.


US / NATO  War Crimes in Ukraine @

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  5 Responses to “Ukraine Crisis Today: Democracy caught on camera (this will never be shown on mainstream media)”

  1. This video is censord in Germany because of allegedly contained music of SME according to GEMA

    As surogate for the Germans:

    US-Geopolitik – Einkreisung und Zerschlagung Russlands einfach erklärt
    0:18 ->Victoria Nuland, US State department: “We have invested over 5 Billion $ to assist ukraine in these and other goals”
    US Außenministeriumssprecherin Victoria Nuland: “Wir haben die Ukraine-“Demokratisierung”(=gewaltsamer NAZI-Umsturz) mit 5 Mrd.$ finanziert”:
    $25 pro Demonstrant – Ukraine

    Abgehörtes Timoschenko-Telefonat Timoschenko: 0:43 : “Es ist an der Zeit zu den Waffen zu greifen und diese verdammten Russen umzubringen, zusammen mit ihren Führern.”
    Timoschenko: bzgl. Krim: 1:17 “Ich hätte einen Weg gefunden diese Schweine umzubringen. Ich hoffe, dass ich es schaffe alle meine Kontaktleute zu aktivieren.” 1:24: Ich werde alle meine Möglichkeiten nutzen., dass sich die Welt erhebt, sodass absolut nichts mehr von Russland übrig bleibt.

  2. There is no way Merkel isn’t aware of this. That makes her either a closet Nazi, or a Nazi collaborator.

    Germany has an intelligence service, of course, which would keep her appraised of all of this activity. Not to mention the so-called “socialist” President of France, and other European countries. One of the interesting things about the video is that these Ukrainian Nazi’s see themselves as the start of a fascist “revolution” all over Europe, and are promoting their Nazi ideology all across Europe.

    Apparently that is just fine with the EU countries, who, with the sole exception of Serbia, are financially and militarily supporting them in violation of their own constitutions and the EU charter. Germany just sent them new uniforms and bullet proof vests (and who knows what else) for their ‘National Guard’ brownshirts who are attacking the eastern provinces, and the EU just gave them $1.66 Billion to pay their army.

    The EU is warmly embracing these self-proclaimed Nazi thugs. That is the really chilling aspect.

  3. Fascism, is the vanguard of globalist, finance capitalism…can there ever be any doubt of this again ? These same apes are walking around free in Germany, France, Canada, The US, Italy, Denmark, etc..,etc..,They WILL be deployed against YOU and your children at some point in the future unless we abandon the spent, degenerate liberalism that diverts us with idiotic, subcultural “liberation” politics ( “The Patriarchy” or the rapidly growing phenomenon of sectarian religion baiting) and spectacles of narcissistic cultural cannibalism , to occupy us with fighting each other over anything but the real problem. We have to fight against wave attacks of degenerate, increasingly violent and out of control Capitalist Class war.

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