Nov 142011


Niklaus giving the 3 finger salute."We are Swiss, we will not stop, we have been fighting for 3000 years."

My update from Occupy Zurich began last night with a cryptic and frightening message from my friend Niklaus:

“easy ♥♥♥ here in zurich we have to leave at midnight today, but, maybe we will stay. I will inform you.”

I wished them luck and asked to him to keep me posted. After a nerve wracking wait of several hours he sent this update:

“Hi Matt, so we had a very long General Assembly.

We stand for staying at Lindenhof, so long as we can (until the Police carry us away). Then we have a new Place (Secret).

We are trying to stand up for our human rights, so it could also help other world occupations, but there we don’t have a consensus.

Official Media either says nothing or they try to defame us.

I think I found one of the spies in the camp, but I have to wait until the time is right. hehe.

3 people from the Geneva occupation came for a visit and in solidarity with us. We had a very good talk and we continue networking.

So, that is it for the moment.

Dear Regards from Switzerland.

Stay well.


The encampment occupying the historic Lindenhof is now in jeopardy, as well as the occupation itself.  From the lack of news it appears that the authorities still haven’t moved against the Kanton, yet.  Because I have spent time with the occupiers on the Lindenhof discussing what the movement stands for, I know that they are dedicated to non-violence. There were people of all ages occupying both the encampment and the Paradeplatz, I shudder to think what the cost to these innocent peaceful protesters will be if the Police decide to use truncheons and tear gas like Oakland.  We all stand behind these courageous, peaceful Occupiers on the front lines, as they face off with the militarized police/troops.


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